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US, China Vie for Africa’s Mobile Phone Sector

Via Voice of America, an article on the competition between the U.S. and China for influence over Africa’s telecommunications industry: Africa, in recent years, has become the new frontier where China and the United States, the world’s two biggest economic superpowers, are competing for influence in a key industry: telecommunications. This week, Ethiopia celebrated the […]

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YouScribe Takes On Amazon In Africa

An interesting look at how YouScribe – a digital reading platform with more than one million French-language books, newspapers and audiobooks – has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers in Africa and competes strongly against the likes of Amazon through an innovative business model focused on affordable pricing and a viable payment method: When YouScribe […]

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Emerging Markets Are the Next Comeback Nations

Via Foreign Affairs, commentary on the potential for emerging markets in the near term: Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, I argued in an article for Foreign Affairs that in the 2010s, the United States had defied predictions of its imminent decline and instead risen to new heights as an economic superpower. This revival, I warned, was in its very mature […]

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Are Emerging Economies On The Verge Of Another “Lost Decade”?

Via The Economist, an article on risk to emerging economies from rising interest rates, inflation and geopolitics: Emerging economies hoping to grow their way into the ranks of the rich have faced a seemingly never-ending series of setbacks in recent years. Trade tensions, a pandemic, supply-chain snarls, inflation and war have together dealt them serious blows. Over the […]

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Middle Corridor: Potential Alternative to Russian Railways?

Via Jamestown Foundation, an article on the Middle Corridor as a potential alternative to Russian transit: The Russo-Ukrainian war has cast doubt on the sustainability of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative’s (BRI) “Northern Corridor” because of mounting Western sanctions on this overland route’s key links—Russia and Belarus (see EDM, April 8, 18). The growing vulnerability of […]

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Record Investment in Africa Despite Coronavirus Recession

Via African Business, a look at how the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa has prompted firms to plough investment into digital solutions for the financial sector, which represented a monumental 60% of the total deal value in 2021: Last year, private investment in Africa hit a record high of $7.4bn, representing a 118% jump from 2020, […]

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