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Black Market SIM Cards Turned Zimbabwean Border Town Into Remote Work Hub

Via Rest of World, an article on how Zimbabwe’s mobile data is so expensive, people have to rely on a signal from the next country over, Mozambique: Never Mtisi works as a courier at Kurwaisimba, a retail business center in Chimanimani in eastern Zimbabwe, ferrying merchandise between cities. Inflation in Zimbabwe means that wholesale prices often […]

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Virtual-Cash Treasure in Zimbabwe Sparks Fight Over Billions

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an interesting report on a shareholder tussle has broken out over EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s homegrown PayPal-like mobile payment service: After years of brutal hyperinflation, Zimbabwe became known as a place where cash was almost worthless. Now, investors are fighting over EcoCash, the country’s homegrownPayPal PYPL 5.09% -like service that has zoomed into the economy’s cash […]

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Southern Africa

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at the economic prospects of several southern African nations: Over the past year, new leaders have replaced long-entrenched presidents in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola. Each country’s political environment has evolved since the changing of the guard, bringing opportunities for the type of economic development that wouldn’t have […]

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Investing In Zimbabwe After Mugabe

Via Harvard Business Review, commentary on investment opportunities in Zimbabwe post-Mugabe: After being denounced for years for its dictatorship and destructive economic policies, Zimbabwe entered a new chapter in November 2017, following the military’s removal of president Robert Mugabe, who ruled the country for 37 years. Mugabe’s ouster and replacement with his one-time deputy, Emmerson […]

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Zimbabwe: The Hottest Stock Market Of 2017 (But Good Luck Getting Out)

Via Investment Frontier, a look at Zimbabwe’s equity market: The Zimbabwe Industrial Index, which is the main index on the exchange that contains every company except for a handful of mining stocks, is up almost 64% on the year in USD terms. The next best stock market, Latvia’s OMX Riga, is up a mere 52% on the […]

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Zimbabwe: Africa’s Best-Kept Secret?

Via How We Made It In Africa, an interesting look at Zimbabwe: I don’t know what I was expecting when I arrived in Zimbabwe. It certainly wasn’t to land in the most developed country I had ever visited in Africa aside fromSouth Africa (and I have been in quite a few countries throughout the continent). After years […]

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