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UAE: Where ‘Silicon Valley and Wall Street Talk About Emerging Economies’

Via The National, an article on the UAE and its role in connecting companies and investors with emerging economies: “Silicon Valley and Wall Street, talking about emerging economies”. That is how the International Finance Corporation’s Managing Director Makhtar Diop sees the UAE. Mr Diop is visiting the UAE this week to explore the opportunities in […]

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Saudi Arabia Attempts To Lure Foreign Companies Away from UAE

Via NikkeiAsia, an article on Saudi Arabia’s efforts to lure foreign companies away from UAE: Saudi Arabia has given licenses to 44 international entities to set up regional headquarters in the capital Riyadh, as the kingdom seeks to project an image of change to lure foreign capital and talent from places such as the United Arab […]

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Growing Angola’s Agricultural Sector

Via Angola Press, a report on Angola’s efforts to encourage foreign investment in effort to boost agriculture output, including a pending agreement with the United Arab Emirates on a significant investment into the country’s agriculture sector: Businesspeople from the public and private sectors of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey have recently expressed their interest in obtaining concessions […]

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Dubai, The Business Capital of Africa?

Via Middle East Eye, a report on Dubai’s growing relationship with Africa: For hundreds of years, the business capitals of Africa were in Europe – in London, Paris, Berlin and Lisbon. Despite decolonisation, money still flows from Africa to European financial hubs, but over the past decade business headquarters have geographically shifted. Not back to Africa, but […]

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Emirati DPlomacy and Chinese BRInkmanship

Via The Middle East Institute, a report on UAE’s DP World company: The coronavirus pandemic that originated in China could not have come at a worse moment for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Indeed, before its outbreak, relations between the UAE and China were in an excellent place. Underpinned by growing economic exchange, the bilateral […]

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Promising Emerging Markets For 2020

Via Atradius, a report on the most promising emerging market opportunities in 2020: Summary Despite ongoing trade disputes and increased geopolitical uncertainty, there remain several bright spots for export opportunities in emerging markets Brazil, Colombia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Senegal and Vietnam shine in 2020 as markets with strong growth prospects and limited vulnerability […]

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