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The Turkish Drones Winning The Ukraine War

Courtesy of Asia Times, a report on the growing commercial and military success of Turkey’s drone industry: Few modern weapons have reached the iconic status of Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 drone. Grainy footage from the drone’s cameras showing hapless targets in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine war zones being blown up by its laser-guided bombs have cemented […]

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Turkish Builders Are Thriving In Africa

Via The Economist, an article on how Turkish builders are thriving in Africa: Selim Bora has had quite a run. In March his company, Summa, won a contract to rebuild and run Guinea Bissau’s new international airport. Months earlier it had completed a 50,000-seat national stadium in Senegal, after less than 18 months of work—a sprint-like pace […]

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Turkey: Making A Big Push Into Africa

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on Turkey’s diplomatic and corporate engagement into Africa: he recep tayyip erdogan hospital in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is named after Turkey’s president. It has 47 intensive-care beds, more than any other in the country, but it does not treat covid-19 patients. “If we did, we would have to […]

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Turkey’s Currency Crisis Threatens Its Syria Strategy

Via Al Monitor, a report on how Turkey’s economic turmoil might challenge Ankara’s grip over opposition-held areas in Syria, where in-house rivalries among the armed factions over financial resources have escalated: With economic turbulence rattling Turkey’s economy, the question is rising of whether Ankara can maintain its grip on Syria’s opposition-held areas where the Turkish lira […]

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Turkey Has Calmed Its Economic Crisis for Now. Here’s What Could Restart It.

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an article on how Turkey has calmed its economic crisis and what could restart it: A new policy to relieve Turkey’s currency crisis puts a spotlight on a historically robust area of the economy: the banks. Faith in the local banking system has remained resolute despite repeated currency depreciations, […]

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Pakistan-Iran-Turkey Rail Freight Line Reopens After Ten Years

Via Silk Road Briefing, a report on a newly resumed Islamabad-Istanbul rail service which will boost trade among the Economic Cooperation Organisation countries: The first freight train to run from Pakistan to Turkey through Iran has departed after a 10-year hiatus in a major boost to the trading capabilities of the three founders of the Economic Cooperation […]

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