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Vision 2030 Projects Trigger Real Estate Boom In Saudi Arabia

Via Arab News, a report on the growing real estate boom in Saudi Arabia: With multibillion-dollar projects related to the Vision 2030 strategy, Saudi Arabia’s real estate sector is expected to witness a record boom, real estate experts told Arab News. The expected growth in the sector, they say, will be driven by foreign investors […]

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Saudi Arabia To Deposit $1 Billion In Yemen’s Central Bank

Via Al Monitor, an article on Saudi Arabia’s pledge to deposit $1 billion in Yemen’s central bank: Saudi Arabia will soon give $1 billion to the internationally recognized Yemen government, according to media reports published on Tuesday.  Reuters reported that the kingdom will deposit the money into the government’s central bank based in Aden. The move is in […]

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New Murabba: The New Horizon for Riyadh

An interesting video look at yet another massive project contributing to the transformation of Saudi Arabia – New Murabba, planned to be the largest modern downtown in Riyadh and contribute to the city’s future development in line with Saudi Vision 2030.  The New Murabba project will be built around the concept of sustainability, featuring green areas and walking and cycling […]

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Middle East Tech Startups Are A Hot Emerging Market

Via Forbes, an interesting look at the growth of Middle East tech startups: The Middle East and North Africa tech startup scene is sizzling, fueled by rapid growth in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, a new crop of cash-rich investors and Egypt’s newest unicorn. There’s a new entrepreneurial energy from Rabat to Riyadh, […]

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China, US Deals and Robots Headline Saudi Arabia’s LEAP Tech Event

Via Al Monitor, a report on Saudi Arabia’s second LEAP technology event: Saudi Arabia’s second LEAP technology event on Tuesday saw a host of landmark partnerships and billion-dollar investments take place with major Chinese and US companies, in line with the last phase of the country’s national strategy for digital transformation.  On the first day of the […]

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BRICS Reaching Out To PEAKS: The Next Wave Of Expansion

Via Modern Diplomacy, an article on the potential next wave of expansion for the BRICS: Throughout 2022 the theme of BRICS expansion has taken on notable momentum as China’s BRICS+ initiative has engendered increasing aspirations from some of the largest developing economies to join the BRICS grouping. Countries from diverse geographies such as Argentina, Turkey, […]

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