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Twilight of Petrostates

Via The Economist, an article on the impact of the demise of easy oil money: Their budgets don’t add up anymore. Algeria needs the price of Brent crude, an international benchmark for oil, to rise to $157 dollars a barrel. Oman needs it to hit $87. No Arab oil producer, save tiny Qatar, can balance […]

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Will Caspian Trade Flow into the Persian Gulf?

Via Window on Eurasia, commentary on the potential for north-south trade in Central Asia: Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have agreed to promote the expansion of rail traffic from their countries through Iran to Oman and thus to the world ocean, a path that China will likely be the biggest beneficiary of and that will challenge Moscow’s […]

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Tycoon Takes Investors Heli Skiing to Show Them Pakistan’s Safe

Via Bloomberg, an interesting look at Pakistan: In the northern snow-capped peaks of Pakistan, Zia Chishti disembarked off a helicopter and skied downhill on a mission to convince investors, clients and company executives that the nation once called by The Economist “the world’s most dangerous place” is now safe for business. Chishti, who grew up […]

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China: Building A New City In The Desert Of Oman

Via Forbes, an interesting look at Chinese plans to build an entirely new $10.7 billion transit-oriented industrial city in Oman: Nobody is going to confuse the dusty fishing village of Duqm for Dubai. But Oman intends to change this by building an entirely new, $10.7 billion transit-oriented industrial city on the desertified coast of the Arabian Sea, […]

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A Tiger In Oman

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting look at India’s efforts to cultivate emerging markets of its own, such as Oman.  As the article notes: “…While Indian companies struggle to expand in neighbouring countries in south Asia, they are making considerable headway in the Gulf and Africa. Unlike their Chinese counterparts, many do so without […]

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Russia: CPC Down; Kazakhstan-China Pipeline To Go

Via Stratfor, a detailed analysis of the implications arising from Russia increasing its share in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) to 31 percent after buying a 7 percent stake from Oman. The Kremlin has now reached its objective in controlling a key east-west oil pipeline in Central Asia, giving Russia even greater leverage in tampering […]

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