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Lao Economy Grinding to a Halt as Fuel Crisis Deepens

Via The Diplomat, a report on Laos’ economic crisis: Motorists in the Lao capital Vientiane have been forced to queue for hours at petrol stations as a fuel crisis tightens its grip, the latest sign in a brewing economic crisis in the nation of 7 million. According to a report in the state-run Laotian Times, crisis […]

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Belt and Road: How Laos Exemplifies Preconditions for Global Success

Via New Eastern Outlook, a report on Laos’ results from BRI investments: More than eight years ago, in September 2013, Chinese leader Xi Jinping announced the launch of China’s global transport initiative, One Belt One Road (OBOR). The project implies the unification of all major world transport routes into a single system and removing all […]

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Laos Expected to Earn $190M From Bitcoin Mining in 2022

Via Bitcoin Magazine, a report on Laos’ projected bitcoin related revenues: Laos is reportedly expected to earn approximately $190 million in 2022 from bitcoin mining activities in the country. The new revenue source would contribute to the $2.8 billion total domestic revenue projected for 2022, the Lao Minister of Finance said. The government reportedly plans […]

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Laos–China Railway

Via The People’s Map, a detailed look at the Laos-China railway: A section of the Kunming–Singapore Railway, the Laos–China Railway is a fundamental component of China’s vision for the Pan-Asia Railway network—a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in mainland Southeast Asia. Construction on the 414-kilometre standard gauge railway began in 2016 […]

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Laos – China Railway

Via Asia Times,  an article on the China-Laos railway which will open on December 2: Laos will never be the same again on December 2, the day the first high-speed train on the Belt and Road Initiative-built railroad is scheduled to roll into the capital Vientiane arriving from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Running […]

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Can China’s Belt and Road Open Up Landlocked Laos?

Via Geopolitical Monitor, an article on China’s investments in Laos: Around mid-August, the final tracks will be laid on a 420 km high-speed railway in Laos, enabling the first trains to be tested on the Chinese-built line. Work on the project began in 2016, seeking to link the southern Chinese city of Kunming with Laotian capital Vientiane, […]

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