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Africa in 2023: Can The Continent Outrun Global Headwinds?

Via African Business, a look at Africa’s economic prospects for 2023 – a year in which many of Africa’s major economies will suffer from the ongoing impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war and food price inflation, but experts say that Senegal and Kenya offer cause for optimism: With Africa facing the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War, runaway […]

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Mars Convinces Emerging Market Consumers To Eat More Chocolate

Via The Financial Times, a report on how Mars – the world’s largest confectionery maker – is on track to double the value of sales in developing countries in five years: Mars has embarked on a drive to convince developing country consumers to eat more chocolate, claiming it is on track to double the value […]

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Maritime Investment Tightens UAE’s Grip On Africa

Via The Africa Report, an article on UAE’s investment into African port infrastructure: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in a prime position to ramp up its influence on the Red Sea corridor and the Horn of Africa, thanks to billions of dollars’ worth of port projects that empower the Emiratis to stave off competition […]

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China’s BRI and Neoglobalization In East Africa

Via an scholarly examination of China’s BRI strategy in East Africa as a particular variegation of transnational state capitalism and neoglobalization: ABSTRACT The most significant case of transnational state capitalism today is China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which seeks to expand/extend the country’s geoeconomic and geopolitical integrations globally. We conceptualise the BRI as manifest […]

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Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies 2022

Courtesy of the Financial Times, an  annual ranking of Africa’s fastest growing companies: The inaugural FT annual ranking of Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies (below) provides a snapshot of corporate landscape in a continent where technology, fintech and support-service businesses have had to adapt to a radically altered environment. Chief among the recent challenges has been operating […]

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African Startups Raising Unprecedented Amounts Of Capital

Via The Economist, an article on how African startups are raising unprecedented amounts of capital: When Maurizio Caio, a fund manager with about 20 years of experience in tech, began raising money in 2015 for an African startup fund, investors were hesitant. “They said to pick either Africa or venture capital (vc),” says Mr Caio, who […]

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