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Turkmenistan Building New Bridge Across Garabogaz Bay

Via Times of Central Asia, a report on a new infrastructure project in Turkmenistan: On August 8, Turkmenistan President Serdar Berdymukhammedov took part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of an important transport infrastructure facility — a new two-lane automobile bridge across the Garabogaz Kol Bay along the highway connecting the Caspian port city […]

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Kyrgyzstan Heatwave Spells Power Problems For Central Asia

Via Eurasianet, an article on how Kyrgyzstan’s main hydropower reservoir is being depleted rather than filled for the winter ahead: Kyrgyzstan’s state power supplier has warned of possible energy shortages as consumers set a new daily record for power consumption in summer. Central Asia is being gripped by the same heatwave blanketing much of the northern […]

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Geopolitics Pushing Foreign Companies To Consider Kazakhstan

Via Times of Central Asia, a report on how some large foreign companies are ready to relocate to Kazakhstan: Some 43 large foreign companies are ready to relocate to Kazakhstan in light of the current geopolitical situation in the Eurasian region. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Almas Aidarov at […]

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Turkey, China See Opportunity In Central Asia After Moscow’s Ukraine Invasion

Via Radio Free Europe, an article on how Turkey and China see opportunity In Central Asia after Moscow’s Ukraine invasion: Since Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine, Central Asian governments have sought to limit their reliance on Russia and grapple with the economic fallout from economic sanctions that the Kremlin’s war has brought to their region. […]

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Iran, Kazakhstan Inaugurate Rail Transit Route

Via Tasnim News, an article on a new rail link between Iran and Kazakhstan: A rail transit link between Iran and Kazakhstan was brought into operation on Sunday, allowing for cargo trains to freight shipments from Kazakhstan to Turkey through Iran. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi used a video conference link on Sunday to order the […]

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Central Asian Economies Don’t Need Russia

Via East Asia Forum, an article on Central Asian economies: In 1991, the five Central Asian economies were republics of the Soviet Union, with trade and transport oriented towards Russia. Over three decades of independence, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have built railways, roads and pipelines to the east and south and […]

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