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Massive Investments in Guyana’s Oil and Gas Industry

Via Merco Press, a report on massive investments in Guyana’s oil and gas industry by Exxon-Mobil Exxon Mobil is investing heavily off the coast of Guyana expecting future production of some 1,2 million barrels per day of oil and gas by 2027. According to the company the fourth oil project production off Guyana will receive […]

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Small Oil Producers Benefiting From Russia Sanctions

Via Asia Times, a report on how smaller oil producers such as Ghana, Guyana and Suriname are benefiting from the Russian sanctions: As the US and Europe cut back purchases of Russian oil, and energy traders shun it for fear of sanctions, the search is on for other sources. Attention has focused on Iran and Venezuela, both of which are led by […]

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World’s Biggest New Oil Find Turns Guyana Upside Down

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report on the impact of Guyana’s new oil find: To mark the flow of the world’s biggest oil discovery in years, President David Granger declared a new holiday, National Petroleum Day, on Dec. 20. Backed by soothing Caribbean tunes in a video address to his countrymen, Mr. Granger […]

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Guayana’s $20 Billion Question

Courtesy of The New York Times, an article on Guyana, a largely underdeveloped country on South America’s northern Atlantic coast that is the unlikely setting for the world’s next big oil boom: Guyana is a vast, watery wilderness with only three paved highways. There are a few dirt roads between villages that sit on stilts […]

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