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China Battles West for Raw Material of the Future

Via Spiegel International, a report on the battle for minerals in the DRC: The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to perhaps the largest lithium deposit in the world. China is eagerly trying to get its hands on the valuable resource, but the concession is controlled by an Australian company. Work-hungry locals are hoping […]

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At Mining Indaba, Washington Focuses On Africa’s Strategic Minerals

Courtesy of The Africa Report, an article on the recent “Investing in African Mining Indaba” conference in Cape Town: The US administration is leading a Western initiative to secure supplies of key metals for the energy transition. But the lag behind Chinese state-owned companies, which already boast a strong presence on the continent, looks to be […]

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DRC: A Favorable Destination For Manufacturing of Sustainable Battery Materials

Via BloombergNEF, a report on how producing battery materials in the DRC could lower supply-chain emissions and add value to the country’s cobalt:  The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) can leverage its abundant cobalt resources and hydroelectric power to become a low-cost and low-emissions producer of lithium-ion battery cathode precursor materials. At the behest […]

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‘Blood Batteries’ Drive World’s Frantic EV Ambitions

Via Bloomberg, commentary on efforts to diversify EV supply chains in Africa: In its quest to secure the raw materials needed to make electric vehicles, the US is turning to some questionable places. In its rush to secure and build America’s electric vehicle and battery-supply chains, the US government is reaching far and wide, splashing out […]

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Zambia Seeks Western Financiers for EV Battery Project with DRC

Courtesy of The Africa Report, an article on Zambia’s search for Western financiers for EV battery project with DRC: Zambia says it will seek Western lenders for its plans to partner with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to jointly start producing electric vehicles batteries and cement a firm position in the global supply chain.  The mineral-rich […]

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US, China Compete for Africa’s Rare Earth Minerals

Via VOA, an article on the growing competition for Africa’s rare earth minerals: South Africa hosted the world’s biggest mining investment conference this week, with industry experts in attendance saying the U.S. and China are in a race for the critical minerals — such as cobalt and lithium — that will likely power the projected […]

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