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Some Smaller African Nations Becoming More Business-Friendly

Via How We Made It In Africa, a report on how some smaller African nations are becoming more business-friendly: Smaller African nations are racing to develop business-friendly policies and economic reforms to bolster their investor attractiveness. Smaller African economies have begun flaunting their colours, particularly in the form of economic reforms and business-friendly policies as they […]

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Malaysia, Congo, Chad Want To Join OPEC

Via Oil, a report on some new countries’ ambitions to join OPEC: Chad, Congo, and Malaysia are all lining up to join OPEC, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, the energy minister of the cartel’s newest member Equatorial Guinea, told Russian outlet Sputnik on the sidelines of the CERAWeek conference in Houston on Wednesday.  In Africa, countries like […]

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Glencore Arranges $1bn Oil Loan For Chad

Courtesy of the Financial Times, a report on Glencore’s interest and involvement in Chad: Glencore has organised a plus-$1bn loan backed by crude oil to allow Chad to buy the assets of Chevron in the country, the latest sign of the commodities house’s interest in the central African nation. The pre-export finance deal enabled the […]

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African Investment: Driven by Terrain?

Via Stratfor (subscription required), an excellent analysis of how the rugged terrain of Sub-Saharan Africa prevents industrialization and modern infrastructure from taking hold and engenders chronic political instability. As a result, the article notes, most foreign investment goes to resource extraction, especially offshore projects protected from the disruptions that are rife on land: “…Foreign direct […]

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China: Into Africa (continued)

Via Energy Daily, news that China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), has agreed to invest in a joint venture oil refinery near the capital of Chad.  Just a further example of China push into Africa’s oil & gas sector.  Curious as to why other countries are not as aggressive on this continent. “A subsidiary of CNPC, […]

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China, Chad, and a Pan-African Aggregation Grid?

Noticed an interesting article in today’s International Herald Tribune, further emphasizing China’s interest in gaining access to Africa’s petroleum resources. While we have reviewed China’s engagement of several African markets in previous posts, this was the first article focused primarily on Chad.   “….Despite advanced prospecting by French and other Western firms dating back to […]

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