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The Chinese Companies Trying To Buy Strategic Islands

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on the small businesses from China which are scouring the globe for important strips of land: Three years ago, Xu Changyu made his first attempt to get his hands on an island in the South Pacific. The vice-president of China Sam Enterprise Group quietly negotiated a 75-year lease […]

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Cambodia’s New Normal

Via The Diplomat, an article on how the road ahead is long and lonely for Cambodia, with Chinese largess checked by the pandemic and Western interests soured by pre-pandemic crackdownsCambodia: Cambodia has raced ahead in opening-up after fully vaccinating about 80 percent of its population, with Prime Minister Hun Sen declaring he was confident that […]

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Cambodia’s Unique Version of E-Commerce

Via The Diplomat, an article on Cambodia’s e-commerce landscape: E-commerce in Cambodia is not new. Systems for ordering online, and systems for delivering those items, have developed steadily over the last decade, alongside the rise of social media, particularly the rise of Facebook. Following the pandemic, the evolution and adoption of e-commerce in Cambodia has […]

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Is Cambodia the Next Asian Tiger?

Via Newsweek, an article on Cambodia is on course to be the next Asian Tiger, and that is good news for America. Ford Motors recently announced that it is building a $21 million assembly plant in the Pursat province of Cambodia. And the recent virtual business summit showcased the ease of doing business in Cambodia experienced by U.S. companies […]

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Cambodia’s Economy At A Covid Crossroads

Via Asia Times, a report on Cambodia’s economy: No one is sure who first said it, yet it remains a truism that there are three types of lies: “Lies, damned lies and statistics.” Recent reports from China’s Xinhua and several Phnom Penh-based newspapers about Cambodia’s economic prospects this year have given some reason for cheer. According […]

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Capital Meant For Myanmar May Go To Vietnam and Cambodia

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on how capital meant for Myanmar may seek havens in Vietnam and Cambodia: The military coup in Myanmar has forced investors who had earmarked capital for the country to look for nearby alternatives. Delta Capital, Anthem Asia and other funds that have solely focused on Myanmar are adopting a wait-and-see […]

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