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Bangladesh and Nepal Are Not Destined to Repeat Sri Lanka’s Mistakes

Via the Carnegie Endowment, commentary that Bangladesh and Nepal are not destined to repeat Sri Lanka’s mistakes due to their vastly different approaches to debt and China: South Asia is in trouble. The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has led to an uprising ousting the government, with crowds taking over the president’s office and residence. The country has defaulted on […]

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The Backlash to Belt and Road

Courtesy of Foreign Affairs, commentary on what some term a South Asian battle over Chinese economic power: When Beijing announced its One Belt, One Road initiative five years ago, the global reaction was immediate and pronounced. OBOR, as it became known, was hailed as a transformative effort to deploy China’s economic might in service of […]

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Bangladesh: Heading Towards A Sri Lanka-Like Crisis?

Via Geopolitics in South Asia, commentary on Bangladesh’s near-term economic outlook: According to a report in South Asia Journal, like Colombo, Dhaka has also taken on massive foreign loans to embark on what critics call ‘white elephant’ projects. The economic turmoil in Sri Lanka should serve as a cautionary tale for Bangladesh, say experts. Soaring […]

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Bangladesh: Untapped and Underestimated

Via The Realistic Optimist, a look at Bangladesh: Bangladesh suffers from a damaged international image; not only do most people associate it with poverty and natural disasters, but many fail to grasp the sheer demographic powerhouse the country represents. A country approximately the size of Michigan, Bangladesh counts a population of 164 million, making it the […]

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Bangladesh: Top Frontier Market Pick

Via The Business Standard, a look at a frontier investment firm which has named Bangladesh as one of its top country pick: Asian Frontier Capital (AFC), the investment management company behind AFC Asia Frontier Fund, expressed a bullish outlook on the Bangladesh economy and the country’s blue-chip stocks the firm prefers to invest in. The frontier […]

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U.S. Should Bet on Bangladesh

Via The Asia Times, commentary on the geopolitical importance Bangladesh has for the U.S.: Natural disasters, poverty and overpopulation are the reductive lenses through which many international observers view Bangladesh. While the country’s recent economic success has captured global attention, it is still rarely on the radars of strategic thinkers. Yet Chinese Ambassador Li Jiming […]

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