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Can Azerbaijan Help Europe Kick Its Russian Gas Habit?

Via Radio Free Europe, an article on Azerbaijan’s potential to fill supply gaps caused by Russian sanctions and restrictions: Russia may be using missiles and bombs in its invasion of Ukraine, but it has another weapon, less lethal but nevertheless threatening, pointed at the rest of Europe — energy. Amid international outrage over its unprovoked […]

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Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia To Establish ‘Eurasian Rail Alliance’ Joint Venture

Via Silk Road Briefing, an article on Kazakhstan’s, Azerbaijan’s, and Georgia’s plan to establish a ‘Eurasian Rail Alliance’ joint venture: Legal and diplomatic work is underway to establish a joint venture through the railway administrations of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, Batyr Kotyrev, the Chief engineer of the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (Kazakhstan Railways) company and a Director of […]

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Gas-Rich Azerbaijan a Russia-Ukraine War Winner

Via the Asia Times, an article on the Trans Adriatic Pipeline which carries gas from Azerbaijan to Europe but Baku can offer only limited supplies if Russia halts shipments: By any measure, Russia’s war on Ukraine will have severe consequences for the global energy system. Heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas, Europe in particular […]

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Azerbaijan Begins To Reposition Aghdam As A Belt And Road Initiative City

Via Silk Road Briefing, an article on Azerbaijan’s efforts to reposition Aghdam: The construction of the Aghdam-Fuzuli highway has started in Azerbaijan, according to the Azerbaijan State Automobile & Roads Agency. Aghdam is an historic city with emotional regional issues that has been reclaimed by Azerbaijan from Armenia in the wake of 2020’s Karabakh War. It has […]

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Turkmenistan Trilateral Natural Gas Deal

Via Foreign Brief, a report on a trilateral Turkmenistan-Iran-Azerbaijan natural gas trade agreement that goes into effect today: A trilateral Turkmenistan-Iran-Azerbaijan natural gas trade agreement will go into effect today. The agreement calls for 1.2 to 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas to be sold from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan and transported through Iran. The Turkmen […]

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Has the Trans-Caspian Pipeline’s Time Finally Arrived?

Via The National Interest, an article on the Trans-Caspian Pipeline which is intended to transport Central Asia’s vast natural gas resources to European energy markets via the Southern Gas Corridor: Since the United States first suggested the project in 1996, construction of the undersea Trans-Caspian Pipeline (TCP) has remained on the agenda without completion. TCP […]

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