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Germany Should Look to Africa for Gas, Not Russia

Via Foreign Policy, an article on Africa’s potential to provide gas to Germany: With the United States and United Kingdom banning Russian energy exports and the European Union announcing it will reduce Russian gas imports by two-thirds by the end of the year, the West is urgently debating how to replace Russian energy deliveries. The […]

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Algeria at a Crossroads

Via The Frontier Post, a look at Algeria: The Algerian economy is gradually recovering from the initial impact of the pandemic and last year’s oil price shock. The health crisis has eased, most containment measures have been lifted, and domestic production of vaccines is supporting immunization efforts. With the rebound in hydrocarbon production and prices, […]

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Collapsing Oil Exports Threaten Algeria’s Economy

Via Morocco World News, a report on Algeria’s economic challenges in the face of declining oil revenue: Algeria is seeing its oil exports fall despite new highs in international oil prices amid increasing demand as the global economy recovers. Algeria’s economic independence has long been based on its large reserves of natural gas and oil.  […]

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Twilight of Petrostates

Via The Economist, an article on the impact of the demise of easy oil money: Their budgets don’t add up anymore. Algeria needs the price of Brent crude, an international benchmark for oil, to rise to $157 dollars a barrel. Oman needs it to hit $87. No Arab oil producer, save tiny Qatar, can balance […]

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Demise of the Petrostates?

Via Foreign Policy, commentary on the impact of the oil price crash to petrostates from Nigeria to Iran, where governments rely on oil wealth to stabilize power and pay off competing interests: The epic collapse in the price of oil, set off by Russia and Saudi Arabia last weekend, has obvious winners and losers. The winners: […]

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North Africa

Via his blog, here are Mark Mobius’ interesting thoughts on North Africa’s investment potential: “…most international sanctions against the country [Libya] were lifted in 2004, and in 2006, the U.S. removed Libya from its state-sponsored terrorism list on which Libya had stayed for 27 years. Since then, Libya has attracted a wave of interest from […]

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