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Saudi Aramco to Prioritize Energy Supply to China for 50 Years

Via Al Awsat, a report on Saudi Aramco’s commitment to support China’s energy future: Saudi Aramco will ensure China’s energy security remains its highest priority for the next 50 years and beyond as new and existing energy sources run in parallel for some time, CEO Amin Nasser told the China Development Forum on Sunday. Saudi […]

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Publicly-Traded Aramco?

Via The Economist, a report on Saudi Arabia’s consideration of an IPO of Aramco, probably the world’s most valuable company: SAUDI ARABIA is thinking about listing shares in Saudi Aramco, the state-owned company that is the world’s biggest oil producer and almost certainly the world’s most valuable company. Muhammad bin Salman, the kingdom’s deputy crown […]

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Saudi Arabia’s Petro Optimism

As recently featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Saudi Arabia continues to feel bullish about its petroleum prospects despite the falling price of oil.  As the interview with Ali Al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister and de facto head of the OPEC oil cartel, noted: “If most Americans had an opportunity to sit down with the oil […]

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Saudi Aramco: A New Seven Sister Seeks More Growth

From Forbes, an interesting look at Saudi Aramco plans for aggressive expansion and continued growth.  As the article notes: “…But why, with prices dropping and a steep worldwide recession looming, would Aramco go all out on the most ambitious expansion plan in its 75-year history? Over the next five years it will invest $129 billion […]

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Russia’s Chess Match in The Middle East & North Africa

From The National, an interesting analysis of Russia’s recent diplomatic and trade activities in the Middle East and North Africa in a bid to enhance its geopolitical clout and gain access to, and at least partial control over, the region’s oil and gas reserves.  As the article notes: “…Among the former global superpower’s tactics: linking […]

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The Not-So-Empty Quarter

From Energy Daily, news that Saudi Arabia is upgrading the Shaybah oil production facility in the country’s barren southeastern Rub’ al Khali desert, as part of an agenda to bolster its already dominant role supplying more oil to the world than any other country.  As the article notes:  “…barrel for barrel, there’s more oil below […]

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