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Can Azerbaijan Help Europe Kick Its Russian Gas Habit?

Via Radio Free Europe, an article on Azerbaijan’s potential to fill supply gaps caused by Russian sanctions and restrictions: Russia may be using missiles and bombs in its invasion of Ukraine, but it has another weapon, less lethal but nevertheless threatening, pointed at the rest of Europe — energy. Amid international outrage over its unprovoked […]

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Moscow’s Race Against Time To Divert Energy Exports From Europe To Asia

Via BNE Intellinews, a report on  Moscow’s efforts to diver energy exports from Europe to Asia:   Europe’s unprecedented push to sever all energy ties with Russia has left Moscow scrambling to re-orientate its vast oil, gas and coal exports to Asian markets. But achieving such a monumental feat would likely take years, not to […]

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Russian Energy Giants Gazprom, Rosneft Fuel Moscow’s State Coffers

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an article on how London-listed Russian energy companies not only finance the Russian government, they have also assisted Putin’s foreign policy: Russia’s financial system was under siege Monday, but the country is still pumping and exporting vast amounts of oil and natural gas to the rest of the world, delivering cash […]

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Gazprom Sign Off Mongolian SPV To Study Gas Supplies To China

Via Russia Briefing, an interesting report on Gazprom’s recent actions to study the potential of gas supply from Mongolia: Gazprom has registered a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ (SPV) company in Mongolia to deal with design and survey and the feasibility study for the project of building a main gas pipeline across Mongolia for gas deliveries to […]

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The World’s Largest State-Owned Oil Companies

Via Visual Capitalist, a look at the world’s largest state-owned oil companies: Oil is one of the world’s most important natural resources, playing a critical role in everything from transportation fuels to cosmetics. For this reason, many governments choose to nationalize their supply of oil. This gives them a greater degree of control over their oil […]

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The Secret Scheme To Skim Millions Off Central Asia’s Pipeline Megaproject

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an insightful look at a secret scheme to skim millions off central Asia’s pipeline megaproject: A Gazprom director profited from a secret scheme linked to the construction of a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline between central Asia and China, according to documents seen by the Financial Times. The documents indicate that staff and consultants […]

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