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CNOOC Starts Drilling In Brazilian Waters

Via Week in China, an article on CNOOC’s drilling activity in Brazilian waters: Saudi Aramco is jostling with Apple once again for the title of the world’s most valuable company, helped by oil prices that have soared 60% since last year on higher demand and the spillover effect of the disruption in energy markets caused […]

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Can Azerbaijan Help Europe Kick Its Russian Gas Habit?

Via Radio Free Europe, an article on Azerbaijan’s potential to fill supply gaps caused by Russian sanctions and restrictions: Russia may be using missiles and bombs in its invasion of Ukraine, but it has another weapon, less lethal but nevertheless threatening, pointed at the rest of Europe — energy. Amid international outrage over its unprovoked […]

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Enemies With Benefits: Venezuela, Oil, and U.S.

Via The Economist, commentary on the potential role that Venezuela could play to help the West wean itself off Russian oil: n april 22nd a ban on Russian oil imports will come into effect in the United States. One of the countries that could benefit is Venezuela. According to Credit Suisse, a bank, its economy is expected […]

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Moscow’s Race Against Time To Divert Energy Exports From Europe To Asia

Via BNE Intellinews, a report on  Moscow’s efforts to diver energy exports from Europe to Asia:   Europe’s unprecedented push to sever all energy ties with Russia has left Moscow scrambling to re-orientate its vast oil, gas and coal exports to Asian markets. But achieving such a monumental feat would likely take years, not to […]

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Massive Investments in Guyana’s Oil and Gas Industry

Via Merco Press, a report on massive investments in Guyana’s oil and gas industry by Exxon-Mobil Exxon Mobil is investing heavily off the coast of Guyana expecting future production of some 1,2 million barrels per day of oil and gas by 2027. According to the company the fourth oil project production off Guyana will receive […]

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Venezuela Asks Wall Street to Help Lift U.S. Sanctions So Oil Can Flow

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report on Venezuela’s outreach to help lift U.S. sanctions so that oil can flow: With energy prices soaring because of war in Ukraine, Wall Street firms and other U.S. investors are seeing an opening to press the Biden administration to lift sanctions against a potentially major Western Hemisphere producer of crude, Venezuela. Venezuela’s […]

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