Thriving on China’s BRI, Laos Border Town Ditches Kip for Yuan

Courtesy of NikkeiAsia, a report on how one Laotian town is thriving due to a BRI-funded railway connection: If you want to eat in the northern Lao town of Boten on the border with China, you better have some yuan on you. Boten is one of the cities that have been so changed by China’s […]

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Djibouti Suspends Chinese and Other Loan Repayments

Via South China Morning Post, a look at Djibouti’s – the strategically important Horn of Africa nation which is struggling under mounting financing pressures – recent decision to suspend loan repayments Djibouti – the tiny nation at the intersection of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden where China has vast commercial and military interests […]

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China-Africa Relations in Review

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a detailed look at China’s relationship with Africa: “China did this,” “the Chinese did that.” There is an essentialization of China and Chinese actors that hinders our understanding of China-Africa relations – whether to praise or demonize them – as it lumps a multiplicity of approaches, as well as actors, into a […]

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The Kazakhstan Gas Situation: Key Indicator of Things to Come?

Via New Eastern Outlook, commentary on Kazakhstan’s gas situation: The western assault on Russia and other rivals is economic. The military conflicts in Ukraine and elsewhere are only symptoms of the competition for the remaining resources that power world economies. This, as well all know, is abundantly clear. A perfect example of how the world […]

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Australia, China and the Judgment of the Solomons

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at the geopolitical and economic importance of the Solomon Islands: If you wanted to nominate a country in the world with zero strategic significance, the Solomon Islands might sound like a good shout. An archipelago of almost 1,000 islands in the southern Pacific with a total population of […]

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Morocco Eyes Huge Hydrogen Projects For Export to Europe

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on Morocco’s ambitious hydrogen plans: Morocco is considering partnering with Gautam Adani — Asia’s richest person — on a large-scale hydrogen project amid a renewable energy push to meet demand at home and in Europe. Authorities are thinking of signing final investment decisions for “at least two competitive industrial projects” in […]

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