China’s BRI Initiative: Return To Center

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at China’s BRI initiative: On China’s border with Kazakhstan, a new Silk Road city has sprung up with such speed that Google Earth has scarcely begun to record the high-rises that now float on a winter mist above the steppe. What once would have been flattered to be called […]

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China’s Special Economic Zones In SE Asia: Viva Laos Vegas!

Via The Economist, an interesting look at Chinese ‘Special economic zones’ in southeast Asia: In a remote part of northern Laos, the bamboo forest gives way to cranes. A city is being carved out of jungle: tower blocks cloaked in scaffolding loom over restaurants, karaoke bars and massage parlours. The beating heart of Golden Triangle […]

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Avoiding Sharks In Namibia’s Fishing Industry

Via South Africa’s Mail & Guardian, an interesting look at a failed investment in Namibia: This is a story about horse mackerel, and sharks. The horse mackerel are real. They swim in enormous schools in the cold Atlantic waters off Africa’s southwest coast. Most adult fish are about the size of a ruler by the […]

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UAE Allocates $2 Billion For Investment In Mauritania

Via The Middle East Monitor, a report on a recent announcement of UAE investment in Mauritania: The UAE announced, Sunday, that it has allocated $2 billion to Mauritania for the implementation of investment and development projects, and provided soft loans, according to the official Emirates News Agency (WAM). The news agency stated that the initiative comes […]

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Turkmenistan’s Latest Boondoggle: A New $1.5 Billion City

Via The Diplomat, a report on Turkmenistan’s plans to to build a $1.5-billion city amid spending cuts: Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has reportedly allocated $1.5 billion to build a new city; meanwhile, the government has cut social spending and the country’s economy is weakened by low global energy prices.  Berdymukhamedov said in a decree the money […]

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Africa: The Last Frontier For Global Growth?

Via Project Syndicate, a report on Africa’s potential which - if the continent sustains and accelerates structural reforms over the next half-century – some believe can emulate China’s rapid rise of the last 50 years: Africa today accounts for around 17% of the world’s population, but only about 3% of global GDP. These statistics not only […]

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