Ghana Takes The Lead

Via Bloomberg, a report on Ghana, whose economy is forecast to expand the fastest on the continent in 2018: Africa’s likely star economic performer this year isn’t in much doubt, according to all three of the international lenders focusing on the continent. Ghana’s post-election upswing now is looking so strong that the country is poised to […]

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North Korea’s New Breed of Conglomerates

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at a new breed of conglomerates is helping to prop up North Korea: “A UNIQUE and sweet taste,” says a poster describing a new brand of soju, a local firewater, made by Naegohyang. The North Korean company started out making cigarettes (reportedly puffed on by Kim Jong Un, the country’s dictator). […]

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Pakistan: Thar’s Coal In The Desert

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on Pakistan’s coal industry: PAKISTAN’s enormous mineral wealth has long lain untapped. Since a 1992 geological survey spotted one of the world’s largest coal reserves in Thar, a scrubby desert in the southern province of Sindh, prospectors have hardly dug up a lump. Among those to flounder is a […]

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Tajikistan Resumes Building Turkmenistan-China Pipeline

Via Eurasianet, a report on the 400km route which will become the fourth strand of the Chinese-Turkmen pipeline network: Work has resumed in Tajikistan on construction work on a natural gas pipeline running from Turkmenistan to China. Deputy Energy and Water Resources Minister Jamshed Shoimzoda said at a press conference on January 30 that funding […]

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Paraguay: Exploiting Its Natural Advantages

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed look at Paraguay: Highlights Paraguay is taking advantage of its low production costs and geographical proximity to Argentina and Brazil to attract struggling low-end manufacturing companies from the regional giants. Brazilian producers of textiles, auto parts and plastic goods will continue to flock to Paraguay to escape Brazil’s […]

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Great Time To Invest In Colombia

Via GuruFocus, an article on Colombia’s investment potential: I had the chance to travel to Medellin, Colombia, recently. The country is phenomenal and might make a good place to invest a little bit of money. The economy and peso should do well with a rebound in commodities. Commodities represent a large part of exports and […]

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