BRI: Opening Landlocked Central Asia

Courtesy of Times of Central Asia, an article on the impact of China’s BRI on Central Asia: For Central Asia, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity to transform from a landlocked to a transit region, and thus receive a new impulse for its economic development. We are republishing this article on the issue, […]

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Smaller African Markets Gaining Attention

Via Frontier Strategy Group, a report on Zimbabwe and Mozambique: As economic growth across global markets improves, a lot of executives at Western multinationals (MNCs) are facing pressure to achieve both profitability and growth. Sub-Saharan Africa has long been perceived as the engine to deliver growth in the short-term and as a region that holds […]

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Is China a Colonial Power?

Via The New York Times, commentary on China’s BRI and new Silk Road: In a lesser-known novel, “Claudius Bombarnac,” Jules Verne describes the adventures of the titular foreign correspondent as he rides the “Grand Transasiatic Railway” from the “European frontier” to “the capital of the Celestial Empire.” A cast of international characters, by turns comical, […]

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Iran’s Connectivity Strategy

Via Ozy, a report on Iran’s efforts to woo friends and foes with the eastern port city of Chabahar: My interpreter is matter-of-fact as I board the Iran Air flight from Tehran to the eastern port city of Chabahar. “We know when the flight takes off, but we have no clue how it will come […]

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Digital Silk Road

Via the Belt and Road blog, commentary on the high-tech and IT projects launched by China to implement what has been called the Digital Silk Road: Discussions around the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) tend to focus on its tangible aspects; primarily related to physical infrastructure including roads, rail and power plants. However, in addition […]

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PDVSA Is Collapsing

Via The Financial Tribune, an article on the dire condition of Venezuela’s PDVSA: The man who ran Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA for a decade after 2004 says the country’s oil firm is on the cusp of total collapse and expects oil production to drop by 600,000 barrels per day each year amid lack of […]

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