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A Jihadi Gold Rush Is Fueling Violence In Africa’s Sahel

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on instability in the Sahel and how a jihadi gold rush is fueling violence in Africa: On the side of a rural highway leading south from the city of Kaya in central Burkina Faso, Boureima Ouedraogo mixes gold ore slurry with soapy water in a rusted oil drum, […]

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Mozambique: Militant Activity Disrupting Economic Growth

Via FrontierView, a report on Mozambique: After a mild contraction of 1.4% YOY in 2020, the economy is forecast to grow by 3.2% YOY in 2021 on sharply stronger export revenues—especially coal—vis-à-vis 2020, and looser COVID-19 commercial restrictions. However, this rate reflects a recent deterioration in the growth outlook for 2021 as foreign direct investment […]

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From Togo to El Salvador: Every Platform Wants To Be A Super App

Via Rest of World, an article on how – from Togo to El Salvador – real and wannabe super apps have proliferated across the world, aspiring to become the next WeChat or Alipay: “We were selling a dream.”  That’s how Emeka Ajene and his co-founder Greg Costamagna described traipsing around the motorbike parks of Lomé, […]

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Thriving Djibouti Benefits From Its Strategic Location

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on Djibouti: At the top of a lighthouse in a deserted headland, Ali Hassan Ali points across the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, to war-ravaged Yemen. Then, behind him, to war-torn Ethiopia. Then, to his right, at troubled Somalia. Finally, to his left at Eritrea, a dictatorship engaged in the […]

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Sudan Opens For Business

Courtesy of Project Syndicate, a look at how – after decades of strife and bloodshed – Sudan has made significant gains in the two years since its revolution, adopting important economic reforms and gradually rejoining the international community. Now, the country needs investment, and it has no shortage of profitable opportunities to offer: Investing in […]

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Armenia As An Investment Destination

Via Nomad Capitalist, a look at Armenia as an investment destination: Dateline: Yerevan, Armenia The flight from Tbilisi this morning was a mere 27 minutes; little more than a picturesque climb followed by a descent. For years, I’ve been speaking of the benefits of investing in Georgia, and I’ve put my money where my mouth is, […]

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