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Zimbabwe: The Hottest Stock Market Of 2017 (But Good Luck Getting Out)

Via Investment Frontier, a look at Zimbabwe’s equity market: The Zimbabwe Industrial Index, which is the main index on the exchange that contains every company except for a handful of mining stocks, is up almost 64% on the year in USD terms. The next best stock market, Latvia’s OMX Riga, is up a mere 52% on the […]

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Zimbabwe: Africa’s Best-Kept Secret?

Via How We Made It In Africa, an interesting look at Zimbabwe: I don’t know what I was expecting when I arrived in Zimbabwe. It certainly wasn’t to land in the most developed country I had ever visited in Africa aside fromSouth Africa (and I have been in quite a few countries throughout the continent). After years […]

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Zimbabwe: The Hedge Fund And The Despot

Via BusinessWeek, an interesting look at Mugabe’s bailout of a hedge fund investment in Zimbabwe: At 6 feet 2, James McGee announces his military background through his bearing. His hair is now platinum, his shoulders often thrust back. Raised during the 1950s and ’60s in the shadow of the steel mills of Gary, Ind., McGee […]

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Zimbabwe: A Baffling Billion Dollar Bailout Bet

Courtesy of the Financial Times, a look at Zimbabwe’s latest efforts to use financial engineering to escape its fundamental monetary problems: Since dollarisation in 2009, policymakers in Zimbabwe have failed to solve the problems created by weak banks in a bankrupt econokmy with an overcrowded financial sector. Policy – driven by politicians not technocrats – […]

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Zimbabwe: Your Mine Is Mine

Via The Economist, an article on the planned expropriation of mines in Zimbabwe:   This is what happened to the farms. The mines may be next A DECADE ago Robert Mugabe’s regime seized most of Zimbabwe’s white-owned commercial farms. The president promised to give the land to the landless, but instead gave much of it […]

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Intrepid Investing: Zimbabwe

Courtesy of The Telegraph, an interesting look at Zimbabwe as an opportunity for intrepid investors since the Movement for Democratic Change took over Zimbabwe’s economy earlier this year.  As the the article notes: “…Prices were doubling every 24 hours, a feat matched only by Hungary in 1946. Zimbabwe was surviving on dollar and rand remittances […]

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