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Has China’s Promise To Develop Venezuela’s Mines Gone Unfulfilled?

Via Belt and Road News, an article on China’s promise to develop Venezuela’s mines: At the turn of the century, China and Venezuela signed several agreements worth millions of dollars for the development of the Venezuelan mining sector, which both countries promoted as an alternative to Caracas’ over-reliance on oil. Expectations were high. Yet years later, […]

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Venezuela’s Maduro Pleads for Foreign Capital, Biden Deal in Caracas Interview

Via Bloomberg, a report on a recent interview with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro: Seated on a gilded Louis XVI chair in his office at Miraflores, a sprawling, neo-Baroque palace in northwest Caracas, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro projects unflappable confidence. The country, he says in an 85-minute interview with Bloomberg Television, has broken free of “irrational, […]

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Cuba and Venezuela Open Up, Hesitantly, To The Market

Via The Economist, a look at Cuba and Venezuela’s hesitant efforts to open up to market-based activities: Deep down, we are one single government, one single country,” said Venezuela’s loquacious president, Hugo Chávez, of the relationship with Cuba in 2007. Fidel Castro, Cuba’s ailing revolutionary leader, was like a father to him. Venezuela provided millions […]

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Drying Up: Venezuela’s Oil Industry

Via The Wall Street Journal, a look at how Venezuela has seen its production dwindle after decades of graft and mismanagement under Chávez and Maduro regimes, and now the burden of U.S. sanctions: Venezuela’s oil industry—rich in reserves, a crucial Allied resource in World War II, a founding member of OPEC—is grinding toward a halt. Venezuela […]

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Iranian Military-Owned Conglomerate Sets Up Shop in Venezuela

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), a report on a new Venezuelan grocer brings ties to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: An Iranian conglomerate owned by the country’s military and tied to its missile program has established a retail foothold in Venezuela, according to officials and records detailing the move, deepening Tehran’s involvement with […]

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Venezuela’s New Oil Minister

Via Ozy, commentary on Venezuela’s new Oil Minister: By selecting Tareck El-Aissami as his new oil minister, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has given the enormous task of fixing the country’s most important industry to a man who has little expertise in the sector — and who is wanted in the U.S. on drug trafficking charges. […]

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