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Frontier Markets: Rapid Growth Propelled by Reform

Via Hubbis, some interesting commentary from 15 gatekeepers, asset managers and CIOs during a private and off-the-record discussion on the development of frontier and MENA markets: The topics covered included the key reasons for investment in frontier markets, their high growth but low correlation to global equity markets, the rationale for alpha strategies and the sustainability of […]

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Afghan-Uzbek Trade

Via The Diplomat, a report on how – with new initiatives and new infrastructure – trade can plays a dominant role in bilateral relations between Tashkent and Kabul: In May 2019, Tashkent launched an Afghanistan-Uzbekistan trade zone that will function within the Termez Cargo Center terminal at the Afghan-Uzbekistan border. The trade zone promises expedited handling of […]

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Uzbekistan: A Regional Transit Hub?

Via Modern Diplomacy, an article on Uzbekistan’s potential to become Central Asia’s transit hub: On 5th April of 2019, a meeting of the railway authorities of Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan took place in Almaty dedicated to advancing cargo traffic along the North-South Transit Corridor. In fact, the participation of Uzbekistan in the project will shorten the route […]

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China’s Plan For Railway To Uzbekistan Is Transforming Central Asian Geopolitics

Via The Times of Central Asia, an interesting look at the impact that China’s planned railway to Uzbekistan is having upon Central Asia: China is competing with Russia for greater influence on Central Asia countries, using infrastructure and transport investment and projects to achieve that goal. We are republishing the following article on the issue, written by […]

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Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on Uzbekistan, a dynamic frontier market: On the second floor of an office building in downtown Tashkent, entrepreneur Akmal Khodjanov is pitching his business to around a dozen foreign investors and corporate financiers. His company, Vak-Mak, has cornered the market for vacuum-packed corn on the cob in Uzbekistan. […]

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Uzbekistan’s 2019 Strategy: Foreign Investments a Key Focus

Via The Diplomat, an article on Uzbekistan’s 2019 focus on foreign investment: Since Shavkat Mirziyoyev came to power, the government of Uzbekistan has operated a string of hefty strategies. The core strategy is the five-year Development Strategy for 2017-2021 that covers five major themes. It is reinforced by detailed annual strategies, with this year’s being […]

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