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Via The Kansas City Star, an interesting article on Rosukrenergo, the mysterious firm that had acted as the intermediary between Russia & Ukraine on gas sales. As the report notes: When Ukraine and Russia ended their clash over natural gas supplies last month, resuming the flow to more than a dozen European countries, the agreement […]

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Solving Future European Gas Problems

Via The Moscow Times, a report on how one owner of RosUkrEnergo would solve future gas problems.  As the article notes: “…Russian, Ukrainian and European investors would each own a third of the company, Firtash said in an interview Saturday. He controls 45 percent of Swiss-registered RosUkrEnergo, the sole importer of gas to Ukraine since […]

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RosUkrEnergo: Happily Between a Rock and Hard Place

Via Oil and Glory, some interesting commentary on the role of RosUkrEnergo in the recent dispute between Ukraine and Russia.  Half-owned by Gazprom and two Ukrainian businessmen, RosUkrEnergo owns no gas, or pipelines, yet earns a flat 20% take off the top of all the gas sold by Russia to Ukraine.  As the article notes: […]

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Russian – Ukraine Gas Standoff: Efforts To Yield A More Russian-Friendly Ukranian Government

Via Stratfor (subscription required), insightful analysis on how the latest round of the Russia – Ukraine gas pipeline “war” may turn out. As the article notes: “…Russian natural gas behemoth Gazprom has made Ukraine a new offer for the purchase of natural gas Jan. 4, this time raising its price from $179 per thousand cubic […]

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Pipeline Politics Or Oiligarch’s At War? Russia & Ukraine’s Latest Gas Pains

Via The Oil Drum, some interesting background and context on the latest gas-related conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  As the article notes: “…it’s worth remembering a few simple facts: The conflict started in 1992, not in 2006; Russia cannot win a gas war against Ukraine and knows it; The real underlying stakes are not about […]

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Who’s Next – Emerging Markets “On The Bubble”

As noted in The Wall Street Journal, as the shockwaves from the U.S. financial crisis ripple across the globe, the big question on many investors’ minds is: who’s next?  As the article states: “…Other countries are susceptible to trouble: Wednesday, Standard & Poor’s said it was considering downgrading Hungary and Ukraine. Both countries have large […]

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