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Can Uganda Handle New Economic Challenges?

Via EconoMonitor, an article on Uganda’s challenges ahead: Back in the 1970s, Uganda was one of the worst run economies in the world. Uganda suffered through a lost decade when Idi Amin was in power in the 1970s. Thankfully, Uganda’s economic performance dramatically improved when a President Yoweri Museveni new government armed with serious economic […]

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East Africa Petroleum Production

Via The East African, an interesting graphic on oil and gas production schedules for East Africa

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The Uganda “Trap”

Courtesy of Emerging Markets Insights, a detailed analysis of Uganda: Kampala’s skyline Apparently Ugandans very rarely say no; they much prefer to say maybe. As I sit (without a previous appointment) in Prime Minister’s Amama Mbabazi waiting room hoping for a slot to open up in his busy schedule, I can see this cultural practice […]

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The East African Ride to Middle Income

Via The World Bank, an interesting article on East Africa’s economic growth trajectory: “You have embarked on a long train ride in Africa. The train is in bad shape, the ride is bumpy and breakdowns frequent. You wonder when you will arrive at destination or if you ever will. But after a tortuous first half of […]

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Uganda On Cusp Of An Oil Boom?

Via Energy Daily, a report that Uganda may be p0ised to become a mid-sized petroleum power.  As the article notes: Uganda, a long-ignored by-water in Africa’s Great Lakes region, is widely seen as being on the cusp of an oil boom that will make it a medium-sized producer. But it is also thrusting the East […]

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East Africa: The Last Great Frontier In the Hunt For Hydrocarbons?

Via Time, an interesting report on the renewed interest in East Africa’s hydrocarbon potential.  As the article notes: “…According to local lore, Portuguese travelers as far back as the late 19th century suspected that oil might lie beneath parts of East Africa after noticing a thick, greasy sediment wash up on the shores of Mozambique. […]

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