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UAE Partnering With Nabucco?

Via Energy Daily, a report that the United Arab Emirates is moving into position as a possible partner in the planned 2,100-mile Nabucco pipeline to pump natural gas from the Caspian region to Europe.  As the article notes: “…The Emirates is using its $328 billion sovereign wealth fund to invest in energy-rich Turkmenistan, which has […]

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Turkmenistan’s Energy Deals

Via Energy Daily, a report on Turkmenistan’s recent decision to award contracts worth 9.7 billion dollars to a series of foreign companies to develop one of the world’s most prized gas fields.  As the article notes: “…China National Petroleum Corporation, South Korea’s LG International and UAE-based Petrofac International are among the firms set to develop […]

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Oil Rich Nations Place Their Bets

Found a highly insightful article in the recent Harvard Business Review (subscription required) which examines where oil-rich Gulf countries are investing staggering sums brought about by the combination of the gigantic American trade deficit and the price of oil at more than $125 per barrel which have created an attendant pool of financial liquidity among […]

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Axis of Commerce

Via Portfolio Magazine, an interesting look at how U.S. companies are using Dubai as an illegal conduit into Iran. “…Despite sanctions aimed at stemming the sales of U.S. products to Iran, the goods are still getting there. U.S. sanctions were first imposed against Iran in 1979, during the hostage crisis. The current embargo dates back […]

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Via Arabian Business, an interesting look at the wave of Middle Eastern investment targeting Kazakhstan. Up for grabs is the vast and untapped commodity wealth of a country the size of Western Europe, with all the wheat, copper and uranium that Gulf states need. As the article notes: “…The head of investment banking at Renaissance […]

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Russia’s Chess Match in The Middle East & North Africa

From The National, an interesting analysis of Russia’s recent diplomatic and trade activities in the Middle East and North Africa in a bid to enhance its geopolitical clout and gain access to, and at least partial control over, the region’s oil and gas reserves.  As the article notes: “…Among the former global superpower’s tactics: linking […]

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