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Turkmenistan’s Plan B: Electricity Exports

Via Times of Asia, a report on Turkmenistan’s plan to export power to augment its natural gas sales: As prospects to diversify, and increase, natural-gas exports remain uncertain and rather long-term, Turkmenistan is taking steps to increase the generation and export of electrical power — which would face obstacles as well. We are republishing this […]

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Afghanistan Breaks Ground on 1,127-Mile ‘Peace Pipeline’

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on the latest developments around the TAPI pipeline: One of the boldest efforts to date to stabilize Afghanistan through economic development began on Friday with a ceremonial start to construction on a $22.5 billion natural gas pipeline crossing the country’s war-ravaged south. The pipeline, known as TAPI […]

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TAPI Enters Afghan Phase with Little Cash and Many Problems

Via Eurasianet, commentary on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline project: It is the natural gas pipeline project that many have long said could never happen. But the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline, or TAPI for short, is taking another important step forward this month with construction of its most precarious section. If it is ever completed, the bulk […]

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Tajikistan Resumes Building Turkmenistan-China Pipeline

Via Eurasianet, a report on the 400km route which will become the fourth strand of the Chinese-Turkmen pipeline network: Work has resumed in Tajikistan on construction work on a natural gas pipeline running from Turkmenistan to China. Deputy Energy and Water Resources Minister Jamshed Shoimzoda said at a press conference on January 30 that funding […]

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Peaceful Afghanistan: Key to Regional Connectivity in South and Central Asia

Via The Diplomat, an article on how Afghanistan’s security and prosperity depends on its neighbors, and vice versa: Landlocked countries like Afghanistan are at a great disadvantage over their littoral neighbors with access to sea for regional and global trade. Naturally, the peace, security, and prosperity of landlocked countries depend on those of their surrounding […]

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Turkmenistan Turns Off the Lights in Northern Afghanistan

Via The Diplomat, a report on a recent trade dispute between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan: Within an hour of the new year, Turkmenistan reportedly shut off electricity to northern Afghanistan after the authorities in Kabul rebuffed Ashgabat’s demand for a 100 percent price increase. By January 2, following an agreement to extend electricity exports for a […]

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