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Sudan’s First Foreign Venture Capital Investment In 30 Years

Via Impact Alpha, an article on Sudan’s first foreign venture capital investment in 30 years – $5 million for Macroeconomic, political and currency risks can make investors wary of infrastructure and private equity in Africa. Sudan, which is open for investment after the Trump administration removed Sudan from the list of terrorist states last year.  Sudan was […]

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Restoring Sudan’s Rail Network

Via The Telegraph, an article on efforts to restore Africa’s third-largest train network – in Sudan – to its former glory which could throw a vital lifeline to millions: Sitting next to the colonial British railway director’s old residence on the banks of the Nile River, the general manager of the Sudanese Railways Corporation chuckles to […]

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Rising Prices and Political Instability in Lebanon, Iran and Sudan

Via Politics Today, a look at how Lebanon, Iran and Sudan are all suffering from a lack of energy sources, but these are merely underlying causes of a larger issue: their real struggle will be in overcoming rampant inflation: Political instability has arisen around the world, driven by rising costs, food insecurity, and current effects of […]

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Sudan Reels From Tough Reforms

Via African Business, a report on how – after decades of sanctions and isolation – Sudan is pressing ahead with painful reforms: Thick plumes of smoke ?ose from blockades of burning tyres in the streets of Khartoum this week as protests flared following a government decision to remove subsidies on petrol and diesel. The move, […]

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Did Egypt Make Oil Bloc Concessions In Halayeb and Shalateen To Satisfy Sudan?

Via Al Monitor, an article on a recent annoucement by Sudan’s Ministry of Energy and Oil regarding an update of the map of the oil blocs in Sudan to be put up for international oil and gas investment, which includes blocs in the disputed area of Halayeb and Shalateen with Egypt: The head of Sudan’s […]

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Egypt, Sudan Move Forward With Railway Network

Via Al Monitor, an article on Egypt and Sudan’s preparations to construct a railway network to boost trade on the African market: Egypt has taken serious steps to construct a cross-border railway linking it to Sudan to transport goods and passengers in the latest sign of stronger cooperation between the two downstream Nile states. On March 11, Aswan Governor […]

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