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Post-Sanctions Sudan: A Unique Opportunity For Frontier-Market Investors?

Via How We Made It In Africa, a look at the potential of post-sanctions Sudan: Those travelling to Sudan need to ensure they’ve downloaded all the apps they’ll require during their visit before leaving, as some popular apps are inaccessible in the northeastern African country. So said Ahmed Dirdeiry, Managing Partner of Sudanese law firm Dirdeiry & […]

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Sudan: Getting Down To Business Despite Strife And Sanctions

Via The Wall Street Journal, a look at how entrepreneurs in Sudan are finding new avenues as U.S. delays lifting economic curbs and the president clings to power: In the capital of a country widely deemed a pariah state, the hustle is always on. “We bring in all the stock in suitcases from Dubai and […]

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Sudan: China’s Original Foothold in Africa

Via The Diplomat, an interesting look at China’s relationship with Sudan: China’s legacy in Sudan is immediately visible in downtown Khartoum. Near where the Blue and White Nile join to form the world’s longest river sits the People’s Friendship Cooperation Hall, a gift from China to the People’s Republic to Sudan that dates to 1976. […]

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South Sudan: World’s Newest Country Struggles To Survive

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a sobering report on how rampant inflation, civil war, and food shortages threaten the future of South Sudan: South Sudan is running out of money, which along with a civil war andmass food shortages is putting the world’s youngest country at risk of becoming its youngest failed state. In the past […]

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Sudan’s Economic Decay

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a detailed analysis of Sudan’s economic woes: Sudanese protesters gather after the government suspended fuel subsidies in September. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) Summary Sudan’s descent into economic disrepair continues. Khartoum is struggling to lower its budget deficit and stabilize the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound against the U.S. dollar. Ever since […]

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Sudan’s New Gold Rush

Via Future Directions, a look at how – in an attempt to bolster the struggling economy -  the Sudanese government has made gold the new oil, creating a gold rush that has fueled violence once more in Darfur: The decade-old sectarian and political conflict in Darfur has transformed into a fight for goldas rival clans […]

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