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Sudan Wants To ‘Turn the Desert Green’ In Agricultural Modernization Push

Via The Financial Times, an article on Sudan’s plan to ‘turn the desert green’ in agricultural modernization push: It has the feel of the fertile Argentine pampas: fresh green pastures, harvesting machines baling alfalfa, the smell of wet, cut grasses. But this massive agricultural oasis lies in the Nubian Desert in northeastern Sudan on the right bank […]

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Sudan’s Suitors and Economic Challenges

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at Sudan’s economic challenges and interested suitors: Western states will successfully leverage their support for Sudan’s transitional government amid the country’s economic challenges to establish geopolitical influence there. Anticipated Western financial support will bolster the civilian government’s position against that of the military, which has closer ties with […]

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After Decades in the Dark, Sudan May Soon Be Open for Business

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting look at the potential business opportunities for foreign investors that may open up for the first time in decades: Highlights Following President Omar al Bashir’s ousting, a transitional civil-military council has brought hope for the many Sudanese who’ve suffered from the country’s deteriorating economy and global isolation over […]

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Sudan: Second Chance At An Oil Boom?

Via SudaNow magazine, commentary on Sudan’s hydrocarbon future: Though it is an ordinary meeting, but the upcoming gathering of OPEC and non-OPEC allies in Vienna on Thursday carries a significant political and economic weight that may have implications even for Sudan. The oil market has been going through a tumultuous period moving from cutting production […]

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Since Removal of Sanctions, Sudan’s Economy Has Gotten Worse

Via African Arguments, a report on Sudan’s deteriorating economy: On 6 October, the US government announced that it would revoke the majority of economic sanctions imposed on Sudan. Many of them had been in place for two decades. Numerous governments, organisations, and commentators welcomed the decision. Sudan expert Alex de Waalcalled the move “long overdue”, while UN Special Rapporteur Idriss Jazairy noted the […]

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Post-Sanctions Sudan: A Unique Opportunity For Frontier-Market Investors?

Via How We Made It In Africa, a look at the potential of post-sanctions Sudan: Those travelling to Sudan need to ensure they’ve downloaded all the apps they’ll require during their visit before leaving, as some popular apps are inaccessible in the northeastern African country. So said Ahmed Dirdeiry, Managing Partner of Sudanese law firm Dirdeiry & […]

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