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Sri Lanka Bombings Threaten Long-Term Damage to the Economy

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report on the devastating impact the recent bombings could have upon  foreign direct investment, trade, and tourism in Sri Lanka: The aftershocks of Sri Lanka’s deadly Easter bombings could damage its fragile economy for years by sapping it of dollars and confidence just when the island nation needs them most. […]

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A Chinese Company Reshaping the World Leaves a Troubled Trail

Via Bloomberg, commentary on CCCC, Belt and Road’s biggest builder, which is besieged by allegations of fraud, corruption, and environmental damage: Christopher Fernando knows the price of rapacious development. It has eaten his kitchen. Only the sink remains along what was once an outer wall of Fernando’s seafront home on the west coast of Sri Lanka, about […]

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Three Asian Markets Worthy of Attention: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam

Via Investment Week, a look at Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam: The consumer boom in Asia shows no sign of slowing down. With more than half the world’s population, and home to over half of the world’s ten fastest growing major economies, Asia enjoys growth that the West can only dream of. And it is […]

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Is China’s Belt and Road working?

Via the Nikkei Asian Review, an interesting look at the progress of China’s BRI initiative: The idea of transforming the ancient fishing village of Gwadar into a bustling port city has been around since at least 1954, when Pakistan commissioned the U.S. Geological Survey to examine its coastline. Their conclusion: Gwadar, which sits on the […]

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Sri Lanka’s Economy Poised To Leapfrog After Years Of Conflict

Via Eurasia Review, a look at Sri Lanka’s growth prospects: Sri Lanka under the unity government headed by President Maithripala Sirisena and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe is poised to leapfrog the economy after long years of conflict and political instability, according to the nation’s Finance Minister. The Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangla […]

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Sri Lanka: Jewel Of The Indian Ocean

Via Frontera News, a look at Sri Lanka: This sun kissed island just below India is a minnow compared to its giant northern neighbours, but its emergence from civil war and political crisis has put it on the map for brave investors. The Sri Lankan Economy While the Sri Lankan economy has seen decent GDP […]

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