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Sri Lanka’s Economic Struggles Will Deepen Its Reliance on Foreign Funds

Via STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at Sri Lanka’s economic challenges ahead: Sri Lanka’s increasing reliance on China and India for financial aid and investment will risk triggering domestic pushback and social unrest, forcing the government to make concessions that could ultimately threaten its economic strategy. China and India are heavily involved in Sri Lanka’s economy, often […]

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The Economics of the China-India-Sri Lanka Triangle

Via The Diplomat, a look at the economic dimension of Sri Lanka’s struggle to balance between China and India: Sri Lanka’s relationship with China has been a controversial discussion during the last decade, dominating both domestic and international political conversations. The strengthening relationship between the island nation and the emerging global power has been largely economic. […]

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Chinese BRI Investment Isn’t All Bad—or Good

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, commentary on how – as Sri Lanka shows – when it comes to Chinese debt, small states have agency and great powers have responsibilities: In the last few years, the question of whether China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is predatory has been ripe for debate, with some arguing the loans Beijing […]

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Sri Lanka’s Economy Hemmed In By COVID-19 and Geopolitical Tensions

Via East Asia Forum, an article on Sri Lanka’s economic challenges: The unprecedented disruptions of COVID-19 are causing a geopolitical reset — and as the global order is redrawn, small emerging market economies like Sri Lanka are vulnerable to the fallout. Sri Lanka straddles vital shipping routes and is at the centre of diplomatic spats between China […]

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Regional Rivalries Over Sri Lanka’s Ports

Via East Asia Forum, a look at how foreign investments in Sri Lanka are made within the tapestry of regional and global power rivalries: When it comes to Sri Lanka’s national security and sovereignty, nothing seems more guaranteed to generate heated discussion than the spectre of foreign involvement in seaport developments. After years of wrangling, […]

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Sri Lanka Bombings Threaten Long-Term Damage to the Economy

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report on the devastating impact the recent bombings could have upon  foreign direct investment, trade, and tourism in Sri Lanka: The aftershocks of Sri Lanka’s deadly Easter bombings could damage its fragile economy for years by sapping it of dollars and confidence just when the island nation needs them most. […]

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