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Southern Africa

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at the economic prospects of several southern African nations: Over the past year, new leaders have replaced long-entrenched presidents in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola. Each country’s political environment has evolved since the changing of the guard, bringing opportunities for the type of economic development that wouldn’t have […]

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How Chinese Demand For Natural Resources Transformed Emerging Markets

Via Frontrera News, a look at the impact that Chinese demand for natural resources had upon emerging markets: Twenty years ago Zambian copper mines were facing ruin, low prices, failing companies and ancient infrastructure had condemned the industry to a bleak future and with it the miners that depended on the metal for their livelihood. […]

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South Africa: Built like a BRIC, Or The New Frontier …And OnThe Fear of Becoming Colombia

Two interesting articles on South Africa – one with a bit more of a hard-hitting “realist” examination, but both sure to provide some fodder for thought. First, via The Financial Post: There was plenty of grumbling among economists when South Africa last April gained entry into the BRIC club. The four-nation group — Brazil, Russia, […]

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Dragon On The Savannah: China’s Closer Ties With South Africa

Via The Financial Times, an interesting article on another raft of multi-billion dollar commercial deals between China and an African country.  As the article notes: “…According to Reuters, China has agreed to $2.5bn in investment projects with South Africa. While details of the investments are sketchy, the move is the latest illustration of China’s ambitions in the continent. […]

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Something Brewing In South Africa: Adding To The BRICs?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a detailed article on South Africa’s position as the corporate captain of Africa due to its home of more pan-African companies than any other country in Africa, and some people’s feeling that this gives it a seat at the table of the BRICs.  As the report notes: “In 1979, when […]

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Unlocking All Of Africa

Via The Timbuktu Chronicles, a reminder that investors should consider all of Africa when looking at the continent for opportunities.  As the report notes: “…All told, South Africans have plowed more than $8.5 billion into the Sub-Saharan region, the U.N. estimates, making the country the biggest investor there. Ever since South African Breweries pioneered the […]

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