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How Chinese Demand For Natural Resources Transformed Emerging Markets

Via Frontrera News, a look at the impact that Chinese demand for natural resources had upon emerging markets: Twenty years ago Zambian copper mines were facing ruin, low prices, failing companies and ancient infrastructure had condemned the industry to a bleak future and with it the miners that depended on the metal for their livelihood. […]

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South Africa: Built like a BRIC, Or The New Frontier …And OnThe Fear of Becoming Colombia

Two interesting articles on South Africa – one with a bit more of a hard-hitting “realist” examination, but both sure to provide some fodder for thought. First, via The Financial Post: There was plenty of grumbling among economists when South Africa last April gained entry into the BRIC club. The four-nation group — Brazil, Russia, […]

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Dragon On The Savannah: China’s Closer Ties With South Africa

Via The Financial Times, an interesting article on another raft of multi-billion dollar commercial deals between China and an African country.  As the article notes: “…According to Reuters, China has agreed to $2.5bn in investment projects with South Africa. While details of the investments are sketchy, the move is the latest illustration of China’s ambitions in the continent. […]

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Something Brewing In South Africa: Adding To The BRICs?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a detailed article on South Africa’s position as the corporate captain of Africa due to its home of more pan-African companies than any other country in Africa, and some people’s feeling that this gives it a seat at the table of the BRICs.  As the report notes: “In 1979, when […]

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Unlocking All Of Africa

Via The Timbuktu Chronicles, a reminder that investors should consider all of Africa when looking at the continent for opportunities.  As the report notes: “…All told, South Africans have plowed more than $8.5 billion into the Sub-Saharan region, the U.N. estimates, making the country the biggest investor there. Ever since South African Breweries pioneered the […]

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South Africa & Venezuela’s Oil Deal: Model of South/South Cooperation?

As recently reported by CNN, South Africa and Venezuela sealed a major oil deal during a visit by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, who touted it as an example of southern nations cooperating in a new strategic alliance.  As the article notes: “…No details of the deals were immediately available, but they were likely to include […]

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