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Iranian-Indian-Russian Push An Alternative to Suez & BRI

Via Global Village Space, a report on an Iranian-Indian-Russian push to establish an International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC): Iran, together with India and Russia, is pushing forward with a sea and rail corridor that could substantially reduce the time and cost of shipping goods from India to Europe. If this Iranian-Indian-Russian push is successful, the […]

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The Prospects for the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor

Via The Jamestown Foundation, a report on the prospects for a China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor: Mongolia is a landlocked country with a population of roughly 3.3 million people, bordering on only two nations, China and Russia. The country’s primary exports are largely minerals and raw materials, making trade with countries other than its immediate neighbors difficult. […]

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Moscow Ready to Play Karakalpak Card Again to Gain Access to New Uzbek Oil Fields

Courtesy of The Jamestown Foundation, a look at Russia’s efforts to gain access to new oil fields in Uzbekistan: Borders remain in dispute throughout Central Asia, with Moscow paying such close attention that governments in the region now feel the need to warn the Russian authorities not to become involved (, June 5). Often Moscow […]

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China Could Ultimately Displace Western Majors as Key Player in Caspian Oil Fields

Via The Jamestown Foundation, an interesting commentary on whether China can play a bigger role in the Caspian’s petroleum future: Twenty-six years ago, on September 20, 1994, Azerbaijan signed an accord with a consortium of ten international oil companies to develop its fields on the Caspian Shelf, an event that both Baku and the West […]

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Syria: A Future Notch on China’s BRI?

Via Eurasia Review, an article on how Syria could become a key node in China’s infrastructure, telecommunications and energy-driven Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): China looms large as a potentially key player alongside Russia and Iran in President Bashas al-Assad’s post-war Syria. With Russia and Iran lacking the financial muscle and the United States and […]

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A Pipelineistan Fable For Our Times

Via the Asia Times, an article on how Ukraine was supposed to prevent Russia from deepening energy ties with Germany, but it didn’t work out that way: Once upon a time in Pipelineistan, tales of woe were the norm. Shattered dreams littered the chessboard – from IPI vs. TAPI in the AfPak realm to the neck-twisting Nabucco opera in Europe.  […]

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