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Perspectives on North Korea’s Economy

Via North Korean Economy Watch, commentary on the current state of North Korea’s economy: Sanctions and Covid-19 have fused together to put the North Korean economy in what can only reasonably be described as an awful situation. Trade first plummeted through sanctions, and then even further because of North Korea’s and China’s anti-Covid19 measures. And […]

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North Korea: Selling Sand

Via CNN, an interesting report on how North Korea might be making millions — and breaking sanctions — selling sand: It was May of last year when Lucas Kuo and Lauren Sung noticed something strange: more than 100 ships gathering in the waters near Haeju, North Korea. As part of their work at the Washington-based Center […]

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North Korea: Economic Damage From Self Isolation

Via the Economist, a report on North Korea’s economy: The economy was not on the agenda when Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator, appeared at a party meeting on May 23rd after his second three-week absence from public view in as many months. According to state media, the Supreme Leader promoted several military officials and […]

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Wanna Do Business in Pyongyang? Call North Korea’s Guy in Spain

Via Bloomberg, an interesting article on doing business in North Korea: The message from Dubai in late 2018 wasn’t unusual. It’s just part of the day for Alejandro Cao de Benós to open his email and find some intrepid capitalist who wants to do a little business in North Korea. Recently, there was the one […]

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The North Korean Economy in 2019: Treading but Not Underwater in the New Year

Via 38 North, a look at North Korea’s economy: Although 2019 was not a good year for the North Korean economy, it was also not disastrous. Kim Jong Un will not be able to make much headway this year in implementing his vision of greater prosperity for the North Korean people as long as sanctions […]

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A Stable North Korea Welcomes Economic Growth

Via The Asia Times, a report on how – despite sanctions – North Korea’s economy shows signs of virility: The earliest news to emerge from North Korea in 2020 covered two issues key to the Pyongyang regime as it advances into a new decade: loyalty and the economy. On January 5, North Korean state media […]

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