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Coca-Cola Buys Stake In Nigerian Juice & Dairy Company

Courtesy of the Financial Times, a report on Coke’s recent Nigerian investment: Coca-Cola has bought a minority stake in the Nigerian juice and dairy company CMH. The deal demonstrates the long-term play multinationals and tech start-ups are making in the country of more than 180m, which has one of the world’s fastest growing populations. Companies […]

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Frontier Markets In Focus: 2016 And Beyond

Via Mark Mobius’ blog, an interesting look at some investment opportunities in frontier markets (the less-developed subset of the emerging market universe) with an eye on a few countries that could best weather the investment climate ahead: When talking about frontier markets, the first question many people have is how to classify them. One of the […]

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Lagos To Prosper?

Via Granta, an interesting take on Lagos: The city of Lagos takes the form of an awkwardly shaped octopus, with tentacles reaching east and west, plucking up land that was once outside of its edges or part of neighbouring states. The metropolis, the commercial capital of Nigeria, is inundated with water, a fact never more […]

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Business In Nigeria

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on the challenges of doing business in Nigeria: IN 2001 MTN, a fledgling telecoms company from South Africa, paid $285m for one of four mobile licences sold at auction by the government of Nigeria. Observers thought its board was bonkers. Nigeria had spent most of the previous four decades […]

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Nigeria Beckons Investors Fleeing The BRICs

Via Forbes, an interesting article on Nigeria: With even Goldman Sachs turning cold on the core emerging markets basket of Brazil, India, Russia and China, investors are combing the world looking for a place to put their money to work. For this new generation of adventurers, the goal is to be on the ground in […]

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Via SilkInvest, a look at Nigeria: At Silk Invest, we believe that Nigeria is probably one of most misunderstood places in the world today. And even though it continues to impress the global business community, it is still a fairly unknown investment destination to global investors.  In this piece we take a closer look at […]

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