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The Emerging Markets In China’s Belt & Road Initiative

Via Silk Road Briefing, a look at the emerging markets In China’s Belt & Road Initiative: China’s MOFCOM and various news media outlets such as Xinhua, the People’s Daily and Global Times do their bit in both promoting the development of the Belt & Road Initiative and the impact it is having on China trade. […]

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Networking the “Belt and Road”

Via the Mercator Institute for China Studies, commentary on the digital Silk Road: Innovation and the Digital Silk Road are moving to the forefront of Beijing’s efforts to develop the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). President Xi Jinping’s speech at the Second BRI Forum in April 2019 spoke of cooperation in the digital economy and innovation-driven development as priority areas for the BRI. The accompanying policy report “The Belt and Road Initiative Progress, Contributions […]

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative: An Updated Look

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at China’s BRI: It’s billed as the new Silk Road, but China’s Belt and Road Initiative is much more ambitious than that, as countries on every continent have signed up to partner with Beijing on massive infrastructure projects. From Jamaica to New Zealand and Pakistan to Uruguay, countries have […]

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All May Not Be Smooth Along China’s Digital Silk Road

Via The Lowy Institute, commentary on the digital Silk Road: Make no mistake about China’s vast and continuous trajectory of technological expansionism. Even as the US aims to ring-fence Huawei’s reach into the US and overseas consumer markets, a “digital silk road” paved by Chinese tech giants has long been built to span from the Asia-Pacific to […]

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Russia: In Danger Of Being Overrun By China’s Belt and Road

Via Asian Nikkei Review, commentary on a new Eurasian order is in the making, with Beijing in the driver’s seat: Russia greenlighted in early July a 2,000-km highway construction project connecting the country’s border with Kazakhstan to Belarus. The four-lane highway will run west from Orenburg Province to the former Soviet republic of Belarus via several […]

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China’s Belt and Road Is Getting a Reboot

Via The Washington Post, an article on China’s One Belt, One Road By many accounts, China’s Belt and Road Initiative has been a monumental success: Since 2013 more than 130 countries have signed deals or expressed interest in projects geared to spurring trade along routes reminiscent of the ancient Silk Road. The World Bank estimates […]

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