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The Real Reason China Is Pushing “Digital Sovereignty” In Africa

Via Rest of World, commentary on the real reason China is pushing “digital sovereignty” in Africa: This June, Senegal’s president, Macky Sall, proudly commissioned the construction of the Diamniadio National Datacenter, about 30 kilometers outside the capital city, Dakar. Sall said the West African country would move all government data and digital platforms from foreign servers abroad […]

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Digital Silk Road: A Platform for Techno-Authoritarianism in China and Abroad?

Via CSIS, a transcript of Congressional testimony of Jonathan E. Hillman Senior Fellow, Economics Program, and Director, Reconnecting Asia Project re: the digital Silk Road: Chairman Merkley, Chairman McGovern, and distinguished Members of the Commission, thank you for holding this important hearing and asking me to participate. This testimony draws from my book, The Digital Silk […]

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The Quiet China-Africa Revolution: Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

Via The Diplomat, a report on how Chinese FDI in Africa has been growing at a rapid clip: The Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), a gathering of Chinese and African officials that has been held seven times (including three leaders’ summits) since its inauguration in 2000, has always been known – and occasionally chastised – for being […]

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The Fate of China’s Rail Line to Uzbekistan Likely to Be Decided in Kyrgyzstan

Via The Jamestown Foundation, a report on how the fate of China’s rail line to Uzbekistan will likely be decided in Kyrgyzstan: As a part of its Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese plans to construct a railway from Xinjiang through Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan and onward to Turkmenistan has been under discussion for two decades. If realized, […]

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China’s Belt and Road Chugging Along in Central Asia

Via the Asia Times, an article on BRI activity in Central Asia: The information war is so intense nowadays that unsung melodies are often more alluring than the sung ones. The lines from English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley’s famous ode To a Skylark come to mind: “In the broad day-light / Thou art unseen, but yet I […]

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Digital Silk Road: China installed Himalayan Fiber-Optics Network

  Via The Asia Times, a report on China installation of a fibre optic network in certain remote locations of the western Himalayas, giving them new near-real-time ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) capabilities in the area: At the height of the border standoff with India in 2020, China installed a fibre optic network at certain remote locations of […]

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