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Namibia: The New Commercial Gateway To Southern Africa?

Via Ozy, an interesting look at Namibia: The quaint town of Swakopmund is Namibia’s fastest-growing tourist destination. Visitors flock here to experience the incongruity of German colonial buildings on the edge of an African desert, the allure of the treacherous Skeleton Coast and the promise of seeing 1,500-year-old welwitschias growing in the so-called Moon Landscape. […]

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The Next Possible African Petro-State: Namibia?

Courtesy of, an interesting look at Namibia petro potential: Africa’s fabled mineral riches have excited foreign imaginations for centuries. When in 1324, Mali’s king Mansa Musa, who had converted to Islam 18 years earlier, made his haj to Mecca, his 60,000 man caravan carried 12 tons of gold on the back of their camels, […]

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Frontier Markets – Now Part of Mainstream (Media) Thinking?

As noted in a recent US News & World Report article, many investors are engaged in the hunt for the next generation of emerging markets.  And, as we’ve discussed in this blog before, Goldman Sachs has identified 11 countries with BRIC-like possibilities, which include mainstream emerging markets like South Korea and Mexico as well as […]

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Chavez’s Into Africa Tour…

Several interesting tidbits from this Energy Daily analysis, namely, Chavez’s continued engagement with African oil-rich nations and PDVSA’s plan to create its own equipment/services division to help address declining production resulting from equipment shortages. It is not clear how Venezuela can balance their equipment shortfalls at home while pursuing an ambitious international growth plan, but […]

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