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Limited Links Sink Myanmar’s Potential

Via Asia Times, a look at whether Myanmar – long viewed as Southeast Asia’s ‘connectivity’ laggard – is poised to allow more foreign-built ports, roads and rails: Despite its 2,000 kilometer-long coastline, reaching from Bangladesh to the west and Thailand to the east, Myanmar is home to only nine functioning ports, with the one in […]

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How Myanmar Created A Telco Boom

Via Emerging Markets Investor Association (EMIA), a review of Myanmar’s mobile telephony market: Myanmar’s opening represents the dismantling of one of the world’s last pariah states. Over the past several years, the government has made concerted efforts to reintegrate the nation of some 54 million into the global community. The most poignant symbol of this […]

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Myanmar: Ground Zero For China-India Energy Competition

Via The Eurasia Review, a look at Myanmar’s position in the growing competition between China and India over energy resources: Since the early 1990s, China’s remarkable economic growth has led to a dramatic increase in its domestic energy needs, prompting its state-owned national oil companies (NOCs) to embark upon a worldwide search for oil and […]

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Ten Emerging Markets Of The Future

Via the World Economic Forum, commentary on the top 10 emerging markets of the future: A new report from BMI Research has identified the “10 emerging markets of the future” — the countries that are set to become new drivers of economic growth over the next 10 years. BMI estimates that these countries will cumulatively […]

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Myanmar Military’s Vast Conglomerate Goes Public

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a look at Myanmar Economic Holdings: Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd., the military-run conglomerate with sprawling interests as diverse as cigarettes and construction, has become a public company and is preparing to start selling shares as it embarks on a corporatization effort, a Myanmar Investment Commission official said Friday. The […]

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A Western Brewer’s Return To Myanmar

Courtesy of the Financial Times, an interesting look at Heineken’s return to Myanmar: Sobir Djaffar looks happy as he surveys the racks of locally produced bottles of Heineken on a Myanmar supermarket shelf. The Dutch brewer has been waiting 20 years to return to the country. But he is less thrilled that the beer — along with […]

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