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Lebanon’s Financial Collapse Accelerates

Via The Washington Post, a report on Lebanon’s financial crisis: Most parts of Lebanon are receiving no more than two or three hours of electricity a day. An incoming flight at Beirut’s airport had to abort a landing this month because the lights on the runway went out. The traffic signals in the capital have […]

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Lebanon: Facing A Painful Economic Reckoning

Via CNN, a report on Lebanon’s economic strife: If you’re visiting Beirut, your typical walking tour will span the tip of the peninsula to historic neighborhoods in the eastern quarter. You’ll likely walk along the seaside boardwalk, saunter through the glitzy downtown area, and barhop on Gemmayze street, or its nearby nightlife hotspots. Along the way, […]

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Broke In Beirut

Via The Economist, a look at Lebanon’s economic woes: In the lobby of a Beirut bank, three customers stuff wads of $100 bills into plastic bags. Each note has its serial number recorded on a receipt, as local law requires. One man’s receipt was so long it trailed on the ground as he left the […]

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Lebanon: Back In The Investment Game?

Via FDi Magazine, an updated look at Lebanon: Lebanon is a step closer to political stability, economic recovery and a tranche of foreign investment opportunities following the long-awaited formation of its government and the release of McKinsey’s national economic vision. Sebastian Shehadi reports. After nine months of political deadlock, Lebanon’s cabinet was formed in late January, thereby […]

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Sun Is Shining on Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon

Interesting perspective from Portfolio Magazine, noting that Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon are the only countries among 70 tracked by the MSCI that have stock markets in positive territory this year.  As the article notes, it is nice to know the sun is shining somewhere!

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Gulf Continues to Accelerate

Via Arabian, an interesting article detailing the biggest share gainers in the Gulf during the first half of 2008.  According to the report: “…Four of the world’s top ten performing stock exchanges are in the Gulf. Oman’s main stock index has gained 29.4 percent since the beginning of the year as Kuwait advanced 21.3 […]

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