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Ports, Pipelines, and Geopolitics: China’s New Silk Road Is a Challenge for Washington

Via Time, a report on the New Silk Road: On China’s remote western frontier with Kazakhstan, yurts and camels are silhouetted against a piercing blue sky. Yet the most striking image rising from the desert is an entirely new city. Founded four years ago, Khorgos is poised to become the world’s busiest inland port, a […]

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Afghanistan and Central Asia Republics

Courtesy of the Times of Central Asia, interesting analysis of Afghanistan and its relations with Central Asian Republics: On September 17 Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani emphasized the significance of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline, lauding the contribution that such large-scale projects could make to the peaceful settlement of the situation in Afghanistan and the sustainable social and […]

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New Silk Road: Japan To Counteract China In Kazakhstan With New Asia-Europe Rail Deall

Via Forbes, a report on a new Japanese investment to counter China’s BRI initiative: Japan continues standing in the ring with China, exchanging blow for blow as the Asian rivals both compete and cooperate with each other in the creation of the trans-Eurasian mega-project that has been dubbed the New Silk Road. Just months after the announcement of a deal that would […]

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Nurly Zhol: Kazakhstan’s Own Belt & Road Initiative Takes Hold

Via Frontera News, a look at Kazakhstan’s own Belt & Road initiative, called Nurly Zhol: Kazakhstan has paid lip service to becoming a clean energy, technology, and innovation hub in Central Asia (AAXJ) (VPL) for many years. Increasingly, the aim is taking hold. The economy has already received $1 billion in loans from the EBRD (European Bank […]

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Kazakhstan Bets Big On China’s Silk Road

Via Forbes, an article on Kazakhstan’s focus on China’s OBOR initiative: The jury is still out about China’s One Belt One Road development project. But Kazakhstan isn’t too worried. If there is one country in Eurasia, if not the world, that is more gung-ho about the new Silk Road to Europe, it’s these guys. Should the government play […]

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Steppe Up: Kazakhstan As The Crossroads Of The new Silk Road

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at how Kazakhstan – the world’s biggest landlocked country - is open for business but only half-ready for it: WHEN an authoritarian ruler builds a gigantic dark globe, he should not be surprised that people call it the “Death Star”. But whereas the Death Star from “Star Wars” was a […]

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