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Islamic State Oil Production

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting look at the Islamic State’s oil production: Oil production is a crucial source of income for the Islamic State. As of March, it accounted for nearly half of the group’s total revenue, bringing in roughly $20 million each month. Beyond providing funds, oil refining is also a much-needed […]

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Fallujah’s Highway 11: Retaking This Crucial Highway Link Could Keep Jordan From Economic Collapse

Via Foreign Policy, an interesting look at Jordan’s economic interrelationship with Iraq: When the Iraqi army pushed the Islamic State out of the isolated desert town of Rutba last month, the fight received little attention. Yet the dusty settlement, wedged into a corner of Iraq close to the Jordanian and Syrian borders, is a prize […]

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In Iraqi Kurdistan, Momentum Builds for an Iranian Pipeline

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), interesting analysis of the potential for a pipeline to take Kurdish oil to market through Iran: For years, Iraqi Kurdistan and Iran have been in talks to construct a pipeline that would transport Kurdish oil to the Iranian market. Until now, the negotiations have lagged as the Kurdistan Regional Government […]

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Isis Inc: Loot & Taxes Keep Jihadi Economy Churning

Via The Financial Times, a report on the role that looting and taxes play in keeping the terrorist movement funded: Even under jihadi rule, death and taxes remain the two great certainties of life. Some learn that the hard way. As Isis officials announced a religious tithe known as zakat last summer, Mansour, a 26-year-old grocery storekeeper in eastern […]

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The ISIS Economy

Via Vox, a look at the business of ISIS: ISIS has a lot of money. But we don’t know for sure how much or where it comes from. Which is why a very rare leak of ISIS’s internal books, published Monday on the blogJihadology, is so interesting. One leading terrorism researcher says it’s “possibly the best available primary […]

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Iraq: A Fragile State With A Fragile Economy

Via the Atlantic Council, a look at Iraq’s economy: Protesters display a huge Iraqi flag during a demonstration against corruption and poor services in regard to power cuts and water shortages, in Kerbala, southwest of Baghdad, August 14, 2015.   There is little to envy in the life of embattled Iraqi Premier Haider al-Abadi, who is […]

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