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Iraq’s Oil Sector Facing Economic Downfall

Via The Frontier Post, an article on Iraq’s oil sector: Iraq’s oil sector is facing an economic emergency in the country. The slaries of the Iraq’s public sector employee salaries were delayed because of the economic setbacks. The Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday that it will start distributing the unpaid salaries for the month […]

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How Iran and Turkey Compete in Central Asian Trade

Via The Diplomat, an article on how Iran and Turkey Compete in Central Asian trade: Since 2014, Iran has pivoted toward Eurasia in an obvious shift in strategy. Signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was the first serious step in this shift of focus. Two Central Asian states, Kazakhstan […]

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Iraq Helps Keep Iran Open For Business

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on a recent Iranian delegation to Baghdad to explore ways to beat U.S. sanctions: Iranian officials traveled to Baghdad this week to push for expanded trade and energy ties as it tries to undercut U.S. efforts to weaken Iraq’s economic links to its neighbor. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad […]

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Iraqi Kurdistan Struggles To Rebuild Tattered Economy

Via Oil & Gas Daily, an article on Kurdistan’s economic challenges: The oil-rich Iraqi region of Kurdistan is struggling to rebuild its economy, a year after an ill-fated independence referendum that Baghdad deemed illegal. A massive yes vote in the September 2017 plebiscite provoked a furious backlash by the central government, turning a long-cherished dream […]

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Iraq’s Kurdistan Plunged Into Financial Uncertainty

Via FDI, an interesting look at how the failed independence referendum and resignation of president Masoud Barzani have rocked the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and its investment potential: Seen until recently as the most investor-friendly destination in Iraq, the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) is now at its weakest point since pre-2003 following a failed independence […]

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Kurdistan’s Oil: Past, Present and Future

Via Global Risk Insight, a look at oil and gas reserves in the autonomous Kurdish Region of Iraq: The development of oil and gas reserves in the autonomous Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) is a recent phenomenon which began after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Despite the KRI’s significant energy potential, it was impossible […]

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