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BRI: What’s Holding Up The Trains From Pakistan To Turkey Via Iran?

Via the South China Morning Post, commentary on how – while Iran Pakistan, and Turkey have announced that the rail project will be revived this year – it must still overcome infrastructural hurdles before it can kick-start important rail routes under China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Recently, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan announced they would revive […]

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Iran Can Solve Turkmenistan’s Natural Gas Dilemma

Via Bourse & Bazaar, an interesting look at how Iran’s strategy to become the natural gas hub of the region depends on developing several gas corridors with its neighbors, and gas-rich Turkmenistan ought to be a key partner in this strategy: Bordering Iran on the northeast, Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country with a population […]

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National Iranian Oil Company Signs Contracts Worth $1.2B

Via The Financial Tribune, a report on contracts recently signed by the National Iranian Oil Company to develop eight fields: The National Iranian South Oil Company, the Iranian Offshore Oil Company and Iran Central Oil Fields Company — all subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company – signed contracts with domestic oil and gas firms […]

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Iran’s Railway Ambitions Stretch Beyond Afghanistan

Via The Frontier Post, a report on Iran’s railway ambitions: The first train departs Khaf’s rail station in Iran during the inauguration of the Herat-Khaf railway operations connecting Iran and Afghanistan. via Reuters The first railway between Iran and Afghanistan was launched in December 2020, linking the Iranian northeastern city of Khaf to Afghanistan’s western city of […]

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Battered by U.S. Sanctions, Iran Finds a Lifeline in Domestic Economy

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report on how Iran’s diversified economy is now producing goods the country had long imported: Swaths of the Iranian economy are retooling in response to more than two years of U.S. sanctions, finding pockets of resilience in the country’s large domestic economy. Iranian companies are increasingly producing the sorts […]

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India-Iran-Uzbekistan Pursue Central Asian Connectivity

Via The Diplomat, an article on how the Iranian port of Chabahar has the potential to shift some of the regional dynamics in India’s favor: India, Iran, and Uzbekistan have held their first trilateral meeting for possible joint use of Chabahar port. The meeting was chaired jointly by India’s Secretary of Shipping Sanjeev Ranjan, Uzbekistan’s Deputy Minister […]

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