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Taliban Takeover Is a Boon for Cash-Strapped Iran

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on the positive benefits for Iran of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in which Tehran gets dollars from new oil sales to Afghanistan, while the Taliban get fuel for the ailing Afghan economy: Iran this week restarted fuel exports to Afghanistan that had been disrupted by fighting between the […]

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Iran’s Chabahar Port And Bangladesh’s West Asian Reconnection Opportunity

Via Silk Road Briefing, a report on the potential for Chabahar to scale Bangladesh’s west Asian reconnections: For decades now India has made requests to Pakistan concerning the provision of overland transit facilities to markets in Iran and beyond, in return for the millions of dollars Islamabad would earn in transit fees. Pakistan has never agreed. […]

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Iran Drives Development of Persian Gulf–Black Sea International Transport and Transit Corridor

Via The Jamestown Foundation, a report on Iran’s effort to drive development of the Persian Gulf–Black Sea International Transport and Transit Corridor: Back in 2016, Iran put forward a regional initiative to expand the Persian Gulf–Black Sea International Transport and Transit Corridor, which, in addition to the Islamic Republic itself, involves Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, […]

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Rising Prices and Political Instability in Lebanon, Iran and Sudan

Via Politics Today, a look at how Lebanon, Iran and Sudan are all suffering from a lack of energy sources, but these are merely underlying causes of a larger issue: their real struggle will be in overcoming rampant inflation: Political instability has arisen around the world, driven by rising costs, food insecurity, and current effects of […]

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Iran’s Raisi: Facing A ‘Do or Die’ Economic Dilemma

Via Asia Times, an article on the new Iranian leader’s most urgent task which is to fix the nation’s beleaguered economy but it’s not clear yet he has a plan: Speculation is rife in Iran over who will steer the economy under President-elect Ebrahim Raisi, the conservative cleric and judicial head who clinched an easy […]

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Has the Trans-Caspian Pipeline’s Time Finally Arrived?

Via The National Interest, an article on the Trans-Caspian Pipeline which is intended to transport Central Asia’s vast natural gas resources to European energy markets via the Southern Gas Corridor: Since the United States first suggested the project in 1996, construction of the undersea Trans-Caspian Pipeline (TCP) has remained on the agenda without completion. TCP […]

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