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Indonesia’s Burgeoning Railway Diplomacy

Via The Diplomat, an article on the Indonesia Railway Development Consortium: As in other Southeast Asian coutries, the Indonesian rail sector is a colonial legacy established with some dependence on external technologies. However, Indonesia has moved on to an independent approach, with the intent of developing its indigenous rail industry. To be fair, other regional […]

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Indonesia: After Infrastructure

Via The Economist, a report on Indonesia’s economy: Victoria Opai, a teacher in a remote part of West Kalimantan, Indonesia’s slice of Borneo, is charmed by the new road connecting her school to Putussibau, the nearest town. It is smooth, reasonably straight and cuts through swathes of jungle. It used to take three hours to […]

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Indonesia: A Mega Economy of Tomorrow

Via Eurasia Review, a report on Indonesia: The World Bank analytically divides the world’s economies into four income groups: high, upper-middle, lower-middle and low. Countries that are categorized as upper-middle income are the ones with income per capita ranging from US$3,896 to $12,055. With income per capita at $3,846 as of 2017, Indonesia is moving […]

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Jakarta Predicted to Become the World’s Most Populous City in 2030

Via Future Directions International, commentary on the opportunities and challenges facing Jakarta which is predicted to become the world’s largest city in 2030: A recent report by Euromonitor International has predicted that Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city on the island of Java, will become the world’s most populous city by 2030. That prediction includes the population in the […]

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How the “Next 11” Countries Could Power the World Economy

Courtesy of Barron’s, an interesting look at the Next 11: On a recent holiday in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, I couldn’t resist thinking about these countries’ economic potential and ongoing policy challenges. After all, in 2005 my Goldman Sachs colleagues and I had listed Vietnam as one of the Next Eleven, or N-11, all countries […]

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Indonesian State Companies Scramble For Africa

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on recent deals by Garuda and Wijaya Karya which signal increasing south-east Asian influence in Africa: There were smiles from the African delegates gathered on April 10 for the Indonesia Africa Forum in Bali as Indonesian company executives signed a series of Africa-related business deals. The agreements not […]

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