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The Chronic Underperformance of Egypt’s Military Economy

Via the Carnegie Middle East Center, a look at how the Egyptian military’s involvement in the economy has come at a high cost, contributing to underperformance in development: The historical pattern of Egypt’s development model puts the military at the center as economic savior. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi did not invent the military’s fixation […]

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Egypt’s Golden Triangle

Via Al Monitor, a look at how Egypt is currently developing the Golden Triangle area, which was recently designated as the richest in iron, copper, gold and phosphate minerals: The Egyptian government has recently described the Golden Triangle as one of the richest economic areas in Egypt given its large mineral reserves. The Golden Triangle lies in Abu […]

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Twilight of Petrostates

Via The Economist, an article on the impact of the demise of easy oil money: Their budgets don’t add up anymore. Algeria needs the price of Brent crude, an international benchmark for oil, to rise to $157 dollars a barrel. Oman needs it to hit $87. No Arab oil producer, save tiny Qatar, can balance […]

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Egypt’s Cratering Economy

Via The Economist, a report on Egypt’s economy: There was never much chance of social distancing in Cairo, a city more populous than most countries. Buses fill to overflowing, passengers dangling out of open doors. Millions live in informal settlements with streets barely wide enough for a sedan. And indeed, unlike many other Arab countries, […]

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Egypt Seeking Investors For Military-Run Companies

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on Egypt’s efforts to seek investors for military-run companies: Egypt wants to attract investors into backing companies owned by the country’s army to address private sector complaints that they are being crowded out of lucrative sectors by the military. The Sovereign Fund of Egypt is assessing 10 companies […]

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Ranking Top African Countries For Investment

Via How We Made It In Africa, an article on the top ten (10) countries for African investment: The latest edition of Rand Merchant Bank’s Where to Invest in Africa report assesses each African economy’s investment potential, by overlaying macroeconomic fundamentals with the practicalities of doing business on the continent. “After nine years of publishing, we never […]

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