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Cuba and Venezuela Open Up, Hesitantly, To The Market

Via The Economist, a look at Cuba and Venezuela’s hesitant efforts to open up to market-based activities: Deep down, we are one single government, one single country,” said Venezuela’s loquacious president, Hugo Chávez, of the relationship with Cuba in 2007. Fidel Castro, Cuba’s ailing revolutionary leader, was like a father to him. Venezuela provided millions […]

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With Shops Bare, Cuba Mulls Economic Reforms

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at Cuba’s economic plan: Long queues and empty shelves are old news in Cuba. Recently, though, the queues have become longer and the shelves emptier. Food is scarcer than it has been since the collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union, which supported the island’s communist regime. Now shoppers […]

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Cuba’s Economy: Slim Pickings

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on Cuba’s economy: GABRIEL and Leo have little in common. Gabriel makes 576 Cuban pesos ($23) a month as a maintenance man in a hospital. Leo runs a private company with revenues of $20,000 a month and 11 full-time employees. But both have cause for complaint. For Gabriel it […]

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Cuba Legalizes Small and Medium Private Businesses

Via BBC, a report on Cuba’s legalization of small- and medium-sized private businesses: Cuba’s government has announced that it is legalising small and medium-sized private businesses. It is the latest stage of reforms begun when President Raul Castro took over from his brother, Fidel in 2008. Raul Castro has been trying to stimulate Cuba’s stagnant […]

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Cuba: The Island Of Disconnect?

Courtesy of EMIA, a look at Cuba’s telecommunications market: However, the number is misleading, as it includes people that can only log onto a government-controlled Intranet of state-approved websites. High prices, slow connectivity, and extensive government regulation have contributed to the disconnect. Although mobile phone and smartphone penetration is on the rise, Freedom House estimates that […]

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Investing In Cuba’s Future

Via Bloomberg, some commentary on Cuba: Don’t break out your Montecristos just yet, but the U.S. and Cuba just started talks on compensation claims for expropriated property and damages. It’s a promising moment for both sides — and more is at stake than the sums directly involved. Restoring economic ties between the U.S. and Cuba can speed an economic […]

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