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Why Is China Looking to Establish Banks in Nigeria?

Via The Diplomat, an article on how – for China – the establishment of banks in Nigeria presents an opportunity to further integrate itself with the financial systems of the African continent: During the commemoration of the 2021 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Cui Jianchun announced that he […]

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Russia’s Hydrocarbon Sector Set For Long Term Gains From China’s Energy Crunch

Via Denzin Shira, a look at how Russia’s hydrocarbon sector may benefit from China’s energy crunch: China energy’s crisis has been making global headlines these last few weeks with many Chinese regions, suffering energy deficits. Soaring demand in the aftermath of the global pandemic for energy, from the country’s giant industrial sector and higher-spending households, has […]

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Afghanistan: No Treasure Trove For China

Via Foreign Policy, an article on Afghanistan’s mineral reserves: In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, a popular narrative has emerged that paints the war-torn country as a geopolitical prize ripe for China to take. According to this logic, Beijing is greedily eying Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth, and Chinese policymakers are chomping at […]

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Laos – China Railway

Via Asia Times,  an article on the China-Laos railway which will open on December 2: Laos will never be the same again on December 2, the day the first high-speed train on the Belt and Road Initiative-built railroad is scheduled to roll into the capital Vientiane arriving from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Running […]

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New China-Myanmar Corridor Creating Economic Opportunities

Via, a report on the new China-Myanmar corridor: At the end of August, the first batch of cargo arrived in China’s Sichuan province via the new China-Myanmar corridor. The goods started out in the Port of Singapore from where they were shipped through the Indian Ocean to Yangon, before being transported on to China […]

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Kyrgyzstan & China Increasing their Economic Integration as Part of Belt & Road

Via Belt and Road News, an article on the growing economic partnership between China and Kyrgyzstan: Long isolated culturally and linguistically from each other, Kyrgyzstan and China are now increasing their economic integration as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The economic presence of Chinese investors has triggered Sinophobic attitudes among the people of Kyrgyzstan. […]

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