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Bangladesh Is Still a Frontier Market, But Its Economy Is Expanding

Via Barron’s, a look at Bangladesh: Fifty years ago, George Harrison organized the Concert for Bangladesh, a rollicking rock revue that set the mold for many benefits to follow. It also fixed the just-born country’s image as an overpopulated basket case that would starve without massive outside assistance. Subsequent, sporadic coverage of Bangladesh has focused […]

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Iran’s Chabahar Port And Bangladesh’s West Asian Reconnection Opportunity

Via Silk Road Briefing, a report on the potential for Chabahar to scale Bangladesh’s west Asian reconnections: For decades now India has made requests to Pakistan concerning the provision of overland transit facilities to markets in Iran and beyond, in return for the millions of dollars Islamabad would earn in transit fees. Pakistan has never agreed. […]

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South Asia Should Pay Attention to Its Standout Star: Bangladesh

Via Bloomberg, a report on Bangladesh: Half a century ago, in March 1971, Bangladesh’s founders declared their independence from richer and more powerful Pakistan. The country was born amid famine and war; millions fled to India or were killed by Pakistani soldiers. To the Pakistani military’s American backers, the new country seemed destined to fail: […]

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Bangladesh at 50

Via Project Syndicate, a review of Bangladesh at 50, nation that has gone from being what Henry Kissinger called a “basket case” to a case study in rapid economic development, buoyed by a large microfinance sector, balanced labor regulations, and resistance to religious fundamentalism: It feels strange to have known a country since its birth. For […]

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Bangladesh Is Becoming South Asia’s Economic Bull Case

Via The Wall Street Journal, an article on Bangladesh: Bangladesh achieved an economic landmark last week, when the United Nations’ Committee for Development Policy recommended that the country graduate from the least-developed-country categorization that it has held for most of the 50 years since it became independent. Bangladesh is notable in South Asia for being […]

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Bangladesh: Will Congested Ports Choke Its Economy?

Courtesy of STRAFOR (subscription required), a look at how Bangladesh’s efforts to maintain the country’s explosive economic growth will require updating its overburdened trade infrastructure — opening opportunities for China, India and Japan: To maintain its status as one of Asia’s most promising emerging markets, Bangladesh is pursuing an ambitious infrastructure overhaul — and its […]

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