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In the Caspian Region, China Is Just Getting Started

Via The Frontier Post, an article on China’s growing influence in Central Asia and the Caspian region: The collapse of the Soviet Union allowed China to envision a land-based trade and energy network that would be free from dependence on Russia or the United States. Now, amid conflicts in the South China Sea and Taiwan […]

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Renewed Hope For Trans-Caspian Pipeline To Europe?

Via the Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting, an article on how a landmark deal between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan may finally facilitate pipeline to Europe – if the Europeans are still interested: The Dostluk oilfield is located in the middle of the Turkmen-Azerbaijani sea border.  The breakthrough agreement between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to jointly explore and […]

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Deep-Water friendship: Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan Bury Caspian Sea Hatchet

Via Upstream Online, a report on how Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have agreed to join forces in exploring and developing contested deep-water block as relations have warmed: Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan have agreed to settle decades-long claims on a large oil and gas block in the Caspian Sea, with new plans for joint operations in the region. […]

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China Could Ultimately Displace Western Majors as Key Player in Caspian Oil Fields

Via The Jamestown Foundation, an interesting commentary on whether China can play a bigger role in the Caspian’s petroleum future: Twenty-six years ago, on September 20, 1994, Azerbaijan signed an accord with a consortium of ten international oil companies to develop its fields on the Caspian Shelf, an event that both Baku and the West […]

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The Time Is Now for a Trans-Caspian Pipeline

Via Real Clear World, commentary on the potential need for a Trans-Caspian pipeline: China will enter the post-COVID-19 era with many geopolitical advantages. Its lockdown is ending while many in the West are in the midst of theirs. Western policymakers have yet to reach consensus on how to decouple their supply chains from China. Beijing appears to be winning […]

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The Greater Caspian Region: A New Silk Road, With or Without A New Belt

Via The Atlantic Council, an interesting look at Central Asia and the new Silk Road: With the signing of a US-Taliban peace agreement, now might be a good time to look ahead to how Afghanistan might strengthen its economic connectivity with both its neighbors and more distant markets. Now, there will be a 135-day period of […]

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