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Argentina: Once Shunned, Regaining Its Allure

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on growing investor interest in Argentina: Hedge funds are piling into investments in a most unlikely locale: Argentina. Argentine stocks and bonds are on a roll less than a year after the nation, which some economists estimate to be Latin America’s fourth-largest economy, defaulted on its debt […]

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Venezuela And Argentina: The Party Is Over

Via The Economist, a report on Latin America’s weakest economies: WHEN the euro crisis was at its height it became commonplace for struggling European economies to insist that they were not outliers like Greece. Whatever their woes, they declared, Greece’s were in a class of their own. In Latin America, by contrast, the unwanted title […]

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Colombia and Argentina: Who’s Bigger?

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a comparison of Colombia and Argentina, and a reflection on Colombia’s rapid rise: Two years ago, when we started our tenure at Colombia’s finance ministry, we realised that, using IMF data, Colombia’s GDP had become larger that Venezuela’s. Having been trailing behind our neighbour for decades, such an achievement was […]

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YPF: $37.2bn Investment? No Problem.

Via The Financial Times, a report on YPF’s proposed five year plan: Well, you can’t fault YPF for lack of ambition. On Thursday, Miguel Galuccio (pictured), the CEO of Argentina’s recently nationalised YPF oil company, laid out a hard-charging five-year plan to increase production and return Argentina to its former glory as a net petroleum […]

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Argentina’s New Oil Rules “Worse Than Nationalisation”

Via The Financial Times, a report on Argentina’s new oil rules:   A public relations adage holds that bad news is best released on Friday, so that it’s published in the little-read Saturday papers. And it’s a fair guess that Argentina’s government had an inkling that new rules governing the country’s petroleum industry and public shares […]

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YPF: Investment Up, Dividends Down, Operational Plans TBA

Via The Financial Times, a report on the latest YPF shareholders’ meeting: Tuesday’s meeting of YPF shareholders in Buenos Aires was most notable for its interminable length – more than six hours – and for decisions to ramp up investment and drastically cut the company’s dividend payout. But investors will have to wait a bit […]

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